New York Fashion Week 2010: The Tribal Couture Collection

Tribal Couture’s bold use of jewelry to complement each garment piece might be exactly what fashionitsas love about dressing up. The very short and well put together collection is comprised of jackets, skirts, blouses and dresses that are beautiful, edgy and modern. There is one black jacket that is made of Chantilly lace and is reminiscent of the great Greta Garbo in the golden age of 1920’s Hollywood glamour, only that Tribal Couture’s version has a new silhouette. Jewellery plays an important part for each outfit and can even sometimes outshine the garments. This leaves me to wonder if the subject of focus might really be jewellery. The collection seems to communicate the message that; necklaces, bracelets and chandelier earrings are items that are definitely essential for your wardrobe regardless of how expensive that gown or entire outfit is. To see the models sashay on the catwalk in each look, definitely speak volumes when your look is complete, with either that over sized earring or bejewelled jacket pin. We love this collection for its boldness, beauty and modern approach for their vision of today’s fashionistas.

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