CollabraCam: Defining the Future of Collaborative Mobile Video Production

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CollabraCam provides a quick, easy and fun way to engage in
multi-camera video production with your family, friends and
colleagues. CollabraCam’s patent pending technology eliminates the
need for thousands of dollars worth of equipment, wires and expensive
software with a simple, yet powerful, live video editing workflow
previously only available to professionals.

You and your crew will produce exciting, dynamic videos with minimal
post-production. As the director you are in charge. Enter a title and
optional copyright for automatically generated credits. Wirelessly
connect with up to four iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad camera operators
over local Wi-Fi. Monitor the live-streaming cameras and choose the
best shots to edit your video in real-time. Select a camera to put on
standby to prepare for the next shot. Silently direct your camera
operators to pan a shot, dolly in for a close-up and more.

Video clips are recorded to the cameras and are transferred, compiled
and saved to the director in the background as you go. When you end
the production and save your session, the final clips are transferred
from the cameras to you in a matter of minutes.

The rough cut of your movie can be viewed in the app and exported to
your Camera Roll in three sizes. Video clips can also be exported to
your Camera Roll to edit in a video-editing app or saved via File
Sharing in iTunes to edit on your computer. With minimal time and
effort, you can assemble and trim clips and add transitions and music
to complete your movie’s final cut.

CollabraCam is for real-life collaborative storytelling and makes
video production a social experience. CollabraCam is the must-have app
for capturing sporting events, becoming the next viral YouTube star,
hitting the citizen journalist beat, creating pitches and demos for
your startup or product reviews for your blog, producing a cinematic
masterpiece for film and video class – and for just having fun with
friends. Assemble your crew, download CollabraCam and start your first
production today!

CollabraCam on the go with a mobile hotspot, an ad hoc network on a
laptop, a battery-powered wireless router or anywhere you have access
to power with a corded wireless router. An internet connection is not
required for any of these solutions to broadcast Wi-Fi for use with

Pricing and Availability
CollabraCam is $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies),
but is currently on sale for 30% off at $6.99 through the month of
March to celebrate the launch of the iPad 2. CollabraCam is available
worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Photography

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    March 30, 2011

    bernie kasper | Monday, February 21, 2011

    I only wish I could get the visions of the photo onto print, maybe I am asking too much but it seems a lot of times what I see and wish for aren’t always the same 😉

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