App Hotness: QWiPS

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QWiPS (, a new social voice platform that launched
recently. Voice is one of the most fundamental way humans socialize
and share stories. However, the social web as we know it is currently
mostly silent. QWiPS is planning to change that by allowing anyone to
add voice to all the social snippets that we share, whether it be on
Facebook, Twitter or various other social networks.

The concept is simple — QWiPS (formerly known as blurts), allows for
voice captioned photos and voice tagged tweets, Facebook posts, blog
posts and more. You can also apply filters and effects, and create and
share threaded voice conversations, among other features.

In addition, the QWiPS iPhone app — which debuted recently at
Fashion’s Night Out in NYC, where Vogue editors and several top
fashion bloggers created PhotoQwips (voice captioned photos) — will
be released later this month in the Apple App Store.

QWiPS allows brands, companies, entertainers, authors, musicians and
politicians to connect directly with their audiences through voice —
humanizing the interaction and forging a personal connection beyond
social media’s current capabilities. And QWiPS is the only social
voice platform that easily integrates into all existing social
networks — so you can use it directly with Facebook, Twitter, etc.
and don’t have to join a new online community or re-invite all your

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