Kev Up & Up

Rising from New York’s underground hip-hop scene, Kev is an artist who is a part of the music collective Royal Kulture. Being exposed to music at an early age Kev developed a profound love for musical composition when his parents decided to enroll him for piano lessons. The rapper, of Nigerian descent, hails from Queens, New York and since his debut as a new artist has generated large industry buzz. Kev notes being musically inclined his entire life, having a brother who was a well known DJ in the 90’s and being influenced by musical greats like De La Soul, the Fugees, A Tribe Called Quest and Nas.

Kev attended Delaware State University and graduated in May 2012 with a degree in business and finance. But after the recent passing of his father, Kev decided to take his music to the next level, releasing his first single “Just Smile” followed by his second single “Up & Up” which instantly went viral.

Kev’s smooth and refined lyrics as well as incorporation of African sounds and fashion continue to separate him from the rest of the music world. Kev hopes to keep spreading his messages of life and Nigerian roots through his music and eventually branch out to larger markets.

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