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Academy of Art University Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week fashion show.

Runway images by Randy Brooke.

– Run of Show –

For the Spring 2014 season, there will be four womenswear collections and four menswear collections. One of the womenswear collections is a Fashion and Knitwear Design collaboration, and one of the menswear collections is a Fashion and Textile Design collaboration.

Didvik Kuang, B.F.A. Menswear Design, was born in GuangDong, China, and graduated high school from Norwich Academy in Connecticut before attending Academy of Art University. His collection was inspired by Giorgio Armani’s wardrobe for the 1980s movie American Gigolo, but with a lounge wear influence. Using linen, blended wool, nylon and suede, he created a collection that channels Richard Gere‘s leading man look with a pajama like aesthetic.

01. Chris – Oversize t-shirt. Double-leg pant.
02. Thorben – Short jacket. Button-down shirt. Short pant.
03. Dachuan – Suede t-shirt. Double-leg pant.
04. Elvis – Button-down shirt. Double-let pant.
05. Yamada – Suede vest. Button-down shirt. Double-leg pant. 06. Justin – Long coat. Button-down shirt. Double-leg pant.

Gwen Shihyao Lai, M.F.A. Fashion Design, grew up in Taichung, Taiwan and graduated from the Tainan University of Technology where she received the “Most Original and Creative” Student Design Award for her undergraduate fashion collection. While a student at Academy of Art University, Gwen was selected to participate in the Fall 2012 Inspirare Design Competition. Her Spring 2014 collection was inspired by the paintings of Filipino artist, Thaddeus Ochoa Pagaduan. The pleating of the collection’s cotton, linen, silk, and ikat fabrics was inspired by the artist’s use of tree bark. The collection’s bleaching represents the sunlight and fire from nature.

07. Dakota – Ikat suit. Printed button-down shirt.
08. Vika – Burnout dress. Printed button-down shirt.
09. Pauline – Printed jacket. Printed button-down shirt. Printed short. 10. Paula – Burnout vest. Printed t-shirt. Burnout pant.
11. Cristina – Sleeveless suit. Printed button-down shirt.
12. Marcele – Ikat suit. Printed button-down shirt.

Marine Rongrong Wei, B.F.A. Menswear Design, grew up in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China, and graduated from the Xi’ An Academy of Fine Art before attending Academy of Art University. The inspiration for Marine’s graduation collection comes from vintage crafted clothing during the time of the Great Depression in the United States. She was interested in how people combined fabrics with different textures and weights, as well as the oversized silhouettes of that era. Marine is currently working as an Alteration Specialist at Uniqlo.

13. Adonis – Button-down shirt. Pant.
14. Noel – Denim jacket. Henley. Short pant.
15. Clarke – Button-down shirt. Pant.
16. Nate – Denim jacket. Button-down shirt. Short. 17. Henry – Coat. Henley. Denim pant.
18. Felix – Blazer. Button-down shirt. Short.

Shanshan Bai, M.F.A. Fashion Design, is originally from the Hami, Xinjiang Province in China. During her time as a student at Academy of Art University, Shanshan was the winner of both the 2013 Four Seasons Hotel Uniform Design Competition in San Francisco, as well as the 2013 Sea Fashion Challenge. Shanshan was inspired by the natural curling lines of floral panels, and the continuous twisting of sculptured surfaces. She constructed her garments using a blend of silk gazar and wool, as well as linen yarn. She collaborated with Winbo Shiau, M.F.A. Fashion Design and Knitwear Design, on their Spring 2014 collection.

Winbo Shiau, M.F.A. Fashion Design and Knitwear Design, was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan and earned an undergraduate degree from the Chinese Culture University in Taipei before attending Academy of Art University. Max and Lubov Azria, who were the 2013 Guests of Honor at the Academy of Art University Graduation Fashion Show in May, personally selected Winbo for a design internship in Los Angeles. Winbo collaborated with Shanshan Bai, M.F.A. Fashion Design, on their Spring 2014 collection, giving a dynamic twist of street-chic style to traditional woven knitwear.

19. Kayley – Sculpted jacket. Knit tank top. Pant.
20. Carolina – Bomber jacket. Knit tank top. Pleat skirt. 21. Isabella – Vest. Knit tank top. Pant.
22. Anja – Knit sweater. Pleat skirt.
23. Erjona – Knit bomber jacket. Tunic. Knit pant.
24. Noam – Sculpted jacket. Tunic. Knit pant.
25. Neus – Knit sweatshirt. Pleat skirt.

Leslie Dilloway, B.F.A. Menswear Design, grew up in Grass Valley, CA, and graduated from Bear River High School before attending Academy of Art University. The inspiration for her graduation collection came from ethnic Turkish prints and textures that she infused with a grungy 1990s feeling in her fabric development. Her muse was a fictional Turkish cab driver in London in the late 1980s – early 1990s who is mysterious and carefree. The drawstrings throughout the collection bring a casual, sporty element. Leslie’s work will be featured in the upcoming Fourth Edition of Emerging Fashion Designers for Spring 2014.

26. Dachuan – Button down shirt. Pleat pant. Fanny pack.
27. Chris – Henley. Drawstring pant. Backpack.
28. Thorben – Long button-down shirt. Liquid tank. Liquid pant. Liquid fanny pack. 29. Elvis – Jacket. Drawstring pant. Fanny pack.
30. Yamada – Liquid t-shirt. Pleat pant.
31. Justin – Windbreaker. Liquid pant.

Vicken Derderian, M.F.A. Fashion Design, was born and raised in Pasadena, California, and graduated from the Southern California Institute of Architecture before attending Academy of Art University. With a formal background in Architectural Design, Furniture Fabrication & Design, as well as Fine Artistry, his Spring 2014 collection explores the connection between fashion and architecture as they relate to containing both the body and the individual.

32. Marcele – Envelope sleeve dress.
33. Paula – Backless dress.
34. Vika – Tank dress.
35. Cristina – Wide sleeve top. Pleat skirt. 36. Pauline – Low sleeve dress.

37. Dakota – Envelope sleeve A-line dress.

Ryan Morar, B.F.A. Menswear Design, grew up in Santa Monica / West Los Angeles where he graduated from Alexander Hamilton High School before attending Academy of Art University. His collection is inspired mainly by Robert Rauschenberg’s “Combines” mixed media artwork, along with influences of discordant sounds of early 1980s Sonic Youth and Beat Happening albums. Elements of garments were deconstructed to create different shapes, new silhouettes, and give a raw, free form aesthetic to the collection. Since graduating, Ryan has worked as a freelance designer for Stussy in LA, where he created a small collection of men’s denim garments. He also interned for Jeremy Scott where he made patterns and sewed toiles for the Spring 2014 Collection. Ryan is currently living in Antwerp, Belgium, and interning at Walter Van Beirendonck through the end of the year. Ryan collaborated with Melissa Avalos, B.F.A. Textile Design, who created the textiles for their collection.

Melissa Avalos, B.F.A. Textile Design, was born in Houston, Texas, and grew up in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico, before attending Academy of Art University. Visually inspired by Robert Rauschenberg’s mixed media artwork, Melissa collaborated with Ryan Morar, B.F.A. Menswear Design, listening to old-school hip hop as her soundtrack for those long days spent printing her textile designs.

38. Adonis – T-shirt. Printed pant.
39. Henry – Painted jacket. T-shirt. Skirt pant. 40. Felix – Painted shirt. T-shirt. Printed pant. 41. Noel – Painted shirt. T-shirt. Skirt pant. 42. Nate – T-shirt. Painted pant.
43. Clarke – Painted coat. T-shirt. Skirt pant.

Nika Tang, M.F.A. Fashion Design, was born in Guangzhou, China, and grew up just east of San Francisco in Berkeley, California. Her Spring 2014 Thesis Collection while at Academy of Art University focuses on volume, movement and texture. The initial shape of the garments takes on the half dome and ruffled silhouette of a sunfish, and the fabric reflects the textures of caviar eggs. Additionally inspired by the stone carvings of realism artist Kris Kuksi, the designs of Swiss architect Mario Botta, and the sculpture of South Korean artist Byoungho Kim, Nika’s collection combines traditional macramé and tailoring techniques, with modern textile printing and fabrication.

44. Neus – Ruffle tank. Ruffle skirt.
45. Isabella – Ruffle t-shirt. Ruffle dress.
46. Kayley – Ruffle trench coat.
47. Erjona – Ruffle cape. Ruffle dress.
48. Anja – Ruffle top. Macramé necklace. Ruffle skirt. 49. Naom – Ruffle coat.
50. Carolina – Ruffle dress. Macramé necklace.

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