On Broadway: Holler If You Hear Me

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Never did I think I would be sitting in a play based on the music of Tupac. But the new Broadway production of “Holler if You Hear Me” offers 2 hours and 20 minutes of urban entertainment like you’ve never seen before. This is NOT a play about Tupac. His music is used at the dialogue and soundtrack for an urban tale that we’ve all seen before. If you’ve watch Juice or Boys in the Hood, then we’ve seen this story. But what adds to the freshness of the play is the music, the dancing, and the performances from Saul Williams and Christopher Jackson. Their friendship on stage made for a great urban story.

What pulls this all together is the production quality of the show. Whoever did the lighting for “Holler if You Hear Me” is a genius. The dancing was great. And the set design was smart. If you enjoyed plays like “In The Heights” then Holler will be your cup of tea.

Grade: B+

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