Top 5 Places to Hear Live Music in Harlem

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Music is the universal language of the soul. No matter where you go around the world, people love music. Whether it’s home grown, imported, or something that is unique to their ear, music is a language that is heard by all humans past and present. Live music is one of the things that you’ll definitely want to explore, especially when it comes to living and spending time in Harlem, NYC. When you being to explore the area for greatness, you will be hit with a great deal of opportunity hear amazing music, see visual performance, and enjoy drinks, food and so much more. The following is a list of the top 5 places you can hear live music in Harlem, so make sure that you take note and venture out to what very well could be the greatest time of your life.

Red Rooster – Comfort Food and Gospel

Red Rooster has garnered incredible reviews, and when you visit, you will be treated like family. Comfort food with a southern soul twist is what you get, and it’s an incredible amount of goodness all wrapped up in what you will no doubt call your favorite after tasting just one bite. Located on Lenox Ave, this hot spot comes to life for dinner, and brunch. Visit during their gospel brunch and you will be treated to amazing artists and an incredible array of food. Just make sure to get reservations, or you may end up missing out.

The Shrine – Eclectic Mix of Music

Head on over to Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, and check out The Shrine. Whether you want to hear jazz at night, or a mix of hip hop, you will find that this is a hot spot with an incredible amount of reviews. Food and drink of course is served, but you will be enthralled with the live jazz, and many other styles of eclectic music. You’ll find the prices to be friendly on the wallet, and the service amazing as well. Whether you want to have some appetizers, or you want a drink and relax a minute, you’ll find the Shrine has something for everyone.

Silvana – Middle Eastern Food and Music

One of the highly reviewed, incredible options that you will want to explore is that of Silvana. Their diverse menu is authentically Middle Eastern and by night, you will get some incredible music as well. An eclectic mix of musicians come through to offset the incredible authenticity of the food. When you walk in, you will feel as though you’ve arrived home as the friendly staff provide great service to all comers. Stay a while, and enjoy the live music after hours.

Billie’s Black – Soul Food and More

Billie’s Black is one of the iconic lounges that you are going to want to check out in Harlem. Whether you are in town for your birthday, or you just want something to do, you’ll want to try the incredible food, with a soulful twist. Stick around for live jazz, and eclectic sounds that make this one of the most iconic restaurants and bars in the Harlem area. Soul is the name of the game here, and you will get it through the food, and the music, and with nearly perfect reviews from a variety of magazines, and publishing houses, you’ll find that this is a place not to miss.

Paris Blues – Laid Back Jazzy Club

For jazz lovers, this is one of the best locales to visit. This jazz club is open nightly, and features great drinks, smooth vibes, and incredible music. You’ll find the friendly service, and soulful tunes to be a perfect coupling for the evening out. Jazz nightly, no cover, and amazing history will come straight at you when you decide to spend some time at this iconic club.

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