Harlem Eats: ‘5 and Diamond’ Sunday Supper with Joe (A Review) #SupperWithJoe #5DiamondLife

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The 5 and Diamond Restaurant offers refined contemporary American fare and genuine Harlem hospitality. We had the pleasure of attending a preview of their new Sunday Supper crafted by their Creative Director/Artist/Chef Joseph Hayes aka Chef Joe. We were treated to the excellent hospitality of ‘5 and Diamond’ owners Lia Sanfilippo and Selene Martinez. Lia suggested that this meal would put Mama and Auntie Street to shame. Now that’s a tall order to follow cause my family can throw down in the kitchen. And this was our first time at ‘5 and Diamond’ and we were super excited to try out the dishes, and we were not disappointed.


Chef Joe treated us all to two amazing starters. If you love deliciousness then you will love the starters at ‘5 and Diamond.’ We first tried the Local Heirloom Tomatoes and Wild Watercress salad. It was fresh and delicious. Then comes a dish that Mama and Auntie Street would be proud of, Smoked Trout Salad. It’s DAMN Good!!! I will becoming back for this dish again and again as this is full of flavor, the fish is amazing, and the is salad so fresh. I’m not a huge salad person, but this I have to add to my list as one of my FAVORITE things in #Harlem.




Chef Joe treated us to the deliciousness of Perfect Roasted Chicken and Grilled Whole Branzio. Both dishes were delicious, but I really enjoyed the Perfect Roasted Chicken. Nothing beats a flavorful piece of Chicken done right and you will be coming back for more of this dish.




To me sides are always better then the main meal. And Chef Joe didn’t disappoint with his side dishes.

We had:

  • Green Beans w/ shallot marmalade
  • Local baby carrots w/ candied ginger
  • Roasted New Potatoes

Now I’m not the biggest fan of veggies BUT Chef Joe made me want to become a vegetarian. The Baby Carrots w/ Candied Ginger was so good that I could eat that every damn day. Mama and Auntie Street would also approve!


Now when I saw that Chef Joe was serving Peach Cobbler, I was like “ok if he can wow me with this then he’s got me.” As someone who grew up in a Black house hold, if you can’t make a Peach Cobbler, then you might as well pack it up and move out. My Peach Cobbler is DELICIOUS and so I wanted to really see if Chef Joe could impress me with his creation. Needless to say…HE WON ME OVER!!!!! It was delicious and different and refreshing all in the same bite. You will find yourself wanting to comeback to ‘5 and Diamond’ just for the Peach Cobbler.  As a whole, Harlem restaurants don’t always do good desserts. This Peach Cobbler could be the secret weapon that wins over new customers and gets them hooked.


‘5 and Diamond’ has a winner on its hands and if you havn’t been, then now is the time to get your ass in a seat at this restaurant. You will not be disappointed and it also might just become your new favorite.


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