Five Surprising Things You Have in Common with Celebrities

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by Jasmin Balance

Celebrities are often separated from the rest of society—the typical rules of life don’t seem to apply to them, they appear to have everything they could ever want and they aren’t thought of as “real” people. We’re obsessed with everything about them, from the products they use to how they got where they are. But the reality is that celebrities are just like us, and here are five things we all have in common with today’s stars.

#1: Relationships are hard for them.

We’ve all seen celebrity couples who seem to have it all (like Brad and Angelina), but we’ve also seen plenty of stars whose relationships don’t always work out. Whether it’s Miley and Liam’s breakup or Taylor Swift writing another song about a relationship gone sour, they have a hard time finding lasting love too. We all want someone to share our life with, and celebrities are no different. They go out, they meet people, they fall in love—sometimes it works, and sometimes they wind up broken hearted too.

#2: They don’t always fit in.

A­listers may be pretty cool people now, but they weren’t always that way. Sometimes, they were the nerdy kids who liked musical theatre and didn’t have any friends. They were band kids and geeks; they made goofy faces and liked to sing all the time. That awkward middle school phase wasn’t something just for the non­famous—celebrities got bullied too. They know what it’s like to be made fun of and to eat lunch alone just like the rest of us. And sometimes they don’t fit in with other celebrities either if they stick to themselves and steer clear from the A­list party scene.

#3: They get stressed and have work/life balance issues.

It may seem like the life of a celebrity is all glamour on east street, but they suffer from the same kinds of work and home stress as you do. They’re normal people too, so they experience self­doubt from time to time just like the rest of us. Celebrities will often look to therapists or life coaches like Jasmin Terrany to help them feel fulfilled and figure things out when they hit a road block. Typical people are often envious of the perceived perfection of celebrities, but it’s important to remember their lives aren’t always the way they seem.

#4: Their families are important to them.

We all grew up with family cookouts, Sunday football traditions and wanting to make our loved ones proud. Celebrities are no different—they want their families to be happy, and they often look to them for guidance and inspiration. The Jolie­-Pitts, David and Victoria Beckham and Hugh Jackman and his wife have all been known to be very family­ oriented. They make an effort to spend time with their kids, despite their busy lives. Celebrities make time for their families, just like the rest of us.

#5: They struggle with body insecurity.

We’ve all heard stories of celebrities with body image issues, like Demi Lovato who talked about her struggle with eating disorders and even checked into rehab in 2010 to face her problems head­on. Hayden Panettiere has also talked about her problems with body dysmorphia. We all have had issues with feeling like our bodies don’t live up to the perfect standards set forth by the media, even the people who are typically considered to have those “perfect” bodies!


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