Which Hollywood megastars enjoy gambling?

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The links between Hollywood and casino go way back – as we all know that Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart and other classic-era stars loved the Las Vegas casinos. It tends to be the luxury casinos in places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Nassau that draw the Hollywood megastars, as they provide the privacy, entertainment and luxury to suit an A-lister like Ben Affleck. Poker is Affleck’s game, usually played at the Palms Casino in Vegas, and he is very good at it – he won the 2004 California State Championship, and has accumulated hundreds of thousands of pounds in winnings. Celebrities are more likely to be at a land-based casino to enjoy the atmosphere and glamour of a high-end establishment than
an online casino such as the one found at GamingClub.com, so who are you likely to find and where?

George Clooney is also a fan of jet-setting to poker tournaments in different countries, even being the former co-owner of a casino called Las Ramblas with Brad Pitt. Las Vegas is not the only resort that the Hollywood casino-crazy choose to game at though, as the big Atlantic City Casino resorts like Harrah’s have played host to a number of Hollywood stars – including Drew Barrymore, Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Willis. Like the Vegas casinos they have succeeded in attracting top stars by ensuring them high quality gaming, entertainment and accommodation, but also by making sure that they can play slot machines, baccarat, poker or any other casino game, without being disturbed – just as others choose to play these games at online casinos for similar reasons.

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is home to another casino beloved by Hollywood megastars: the Atlantis. This is the biggest casino in the Caribbean, and has attracted Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell to sample the 60,000-foot gaming area. In this case the celebrity visitors tend to keep to the private baccarat lounge, in order to be away from the main tourist areas, and like the Vegas and Atlantic City casinos, the Atlantis (and Nassau) offer a wealth of other forms of entertainment to entice those for whom money is no object.

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