Noon by Noor Spring/Summer 2014 Collection #NYFW

Noon by Noor Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Lead makeup artist: Neil Young
Lead hairstylist: Jorge Luis
Lead manicurist: Keri Blair
Makeup products used: MAC
Nail products used: MAC



Interview with Neil Young:

Neil Young on about the look:
Sporty fresh look. Gorgeous, glowy skin. A little bit of mascara, a little bit of contour, a little bit of cream around the eye. It’s all about highlighting the cheekbone, bridge of the nose, top of the eyes.

What are some Spring/Summer 2014 makeup trends:
A lot of texture like metallic’s. It’s as much about texture as it is about color. Instead of traditional pastels you’ll see metallic’s on the eyes.

Interview with Jorge Luis:

Jorge Luis on about the look: The line is feminine, so I tried to think what would a girly women do. I made the sides a little wet with a nice wave in the front. Nothing overly done, just freshly produced.

What are some Spring/Summer 2014 trends you can share with us:
Wet hair slicked back like coming out of the pool. A nice tribal braid and also a deep part in the hair will be very on trend.

GreasyGuideNoon by Noor Spring/Summer 2014 Collection #NYFW


  1. Inga

    Fell in love with the first dress! It’s absolutely beautiful! No such a big fan of their hairdues, though…

  2. alaminict

    The image of first dress felling lovely! It is really beautiful! And this article is fantastic & i got goosebumbs when i read this article. Thanks of Admin.

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