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The Beat Bakers consist of Brothers, Ibrahim Abou Hashish,age 17 and Hussein Abou Hashish ,age 26. started off with a weekly podcast on soundcloud “High Cholestrol” Oct 2011. With audience increasing, they started working on their very own music and began with doing their very own mash-ups and bootlegs starting march 2012. They recently signed a deal with UK based Ignis Records to release a bootleg mixtape that got 10,000 + downloads in 2 weeks. They produced there first single New Dawn DEC 2012.  They’ve been resident djs on Poshfm since beginning of JAN 2013 – APR 2013 hosting a weekly 2 hour live show from 8-10 GMT. Currently they are signed to US based B-side records and Belgium based Big Finale records and  Soulves records & Only the best records. There First Major release to come on Peak Hour Music in Jan 2014.

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