Why Advertise on GreasyGuide.com?

GreasyGuide.com has a Google Page Rank of 6
GreasyGuide.com attracts a wide variety of readers – Mostly female African-Americans and Latinos age 18-35, making over $45,000 a year, who enjoy music, fashion, beauty products, technology, and politics, and watching online video.

2010 Stats: 2,942,682 page views served.

GreasyGuide.com is visited by 200,000 unique visitors a month who view over 350,000 pageviews monthly. Each user views about 3.4 pages per visit and spends more then 5 minutes on the site.

Advertising Options;
250×250 Banners
Sidebar banner spots are available for sponsorship. Limited to a maximum width of 250×250. Animation is okay, no excessive blinking or flashing. We will also talk bout your product in a blog post, and help you get your message out to the community.

$100 flat rate for a product or service review.
$100/monthly banner and blog mention plus other free traffic drivers.
$500/month banner and blog mention plus other free traffic drivers.
$250/3 month banner and blog mentions plus other free traffic drivers.

If you are interested in purchasing a spot, please contact us at greasyguide@gmail.com
No minimum contract required.


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