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Can You Sell Used Shoes On StockX in 2022?

StockX is one of the best platforms that you can use to sell sneakers to serious buyers. The process is straightforward.  Therefore, once you ship the items to the StockX store, they will do thorough scrutiny to check whether the item is in good condition. If you purchased high-quality sneakers for resale, you can consider selling them on StockX. However, can You Sell Used Shoes On StockX

If it is in good condition, the payment will be processed and the buyer will get the goods within a few days. In case the item is not okay, the item will be shipped back to you – however, you will incur the shipping costs. If not, the item will be disposed of, and you will be penalized.

Therefore, to strike sales, ensure you provide genuine items. StockX mostly sells dead stock and B-grade sneakers. If that interests you, carry on:

Can You Sell Used Shoes On Stock X?

Can You Sell Used Shoes On Stock X

Stock X only accepts new sneakers or deadstock, and if they don't meet their standards, they'll reject your item or charge you more for their service. Therefore, when listing on the website, only list items that you are sure you have to prevent being penalized.

StockX can charge up to a 15% service fee for a bad or used shoe, therefore only send deadstock sneakers. If you refuse to ship an item as required, a penalty might be imposed on you.

What Is Deadstock?

What Is Deadstock

The StockX team only accepts deadstock shoes. According to StockX, the sneakers which can be termed deadstock are the ones without any evidence of being used. StockX thoroughly checks the authenticity of items to prevent selling fake items to people online.

If you are planning to sell a deadstock item through StockX, it needs to include certain accessories like shoelaces in the original packaging. Additionally, the deadstock sneakers need to have their original box, regardless of when you bought them.

If the shoe has some major damages, be assured that the StockX team will reject it. Therefore, if you are planning to sell with them, ensure that the item is flawless. If the item gets rejected, you will get an invoice, and you will need to pay it so that your item can be shipped back to you.

What are B-Grade Shoes in StockX?

What are B-Grade Shoes in StockX

On StockX, there are also B-grade shoes. However, you shouldn’t assume that they are second-hand shoes, instead, they are a few pairs of sneakers that have been selected through the outlet stores.

They are unused and brand new, however since StockX got them from the outlets, they are termed as B-grade. The price range is also affordable and is often cheaper than the price shown in retail stores. Luckily, you have the freedom to purchase sneakers from anywhere in the store.

How To Identify Fake Stock Labels For Sneakers

How To Identify Fake Stock Labels For Sneakers

At times, you may want to know whether the stock label on the sneaker is legit or not. The StockX tag has been evolving, however, you need to keep up with the trends to ensure you aren’t sold for fake items from StockX.

For starters, to take off the StockX tag, you must break through the cable itself. Thereby, it becomes hard to reattach. You will note that the font in the tag is polished and neat, with the paint not fading away.

Moreover, the font and text spacing should be consistent at the front and the back. The real StockX tags are lighter and vibrant green, while the fake one is a bit darker.  You will also note that the StockX tag is clipped on the left shoe.

With that, it will be much easier to distinguish between a legit StockX item and a fake one. Do you think you can acquire a fake item?

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the seller fees?

There are different seller levels on StockX. If you have a great performance, then you will pay a lower seller fee. The base transaction fee starts at 10.0%, however, if you have made sales of up to $500 the transaction fee becomes 9.5%, if $1500, the transaction fee becomes 9.0% if the sales reach $5000, the transaction fee becomes $8.5 and if the sales are above $30,000 it becomes 8.0%. It also depends on the number of sales made.

Q. How to get paid stock on time

If you are a seller in the US, you can receive your payment in four ways; PayPal, electronic ACH transfer, Venmo, or debit. However, if you are outside the US, you can choose to receive your payment on PayPal, bank transfer, and other available payment methods.

To ensure that you get paid on time, try to send the item early enough so that it can be verified, payment sent to you and the customer gets the product on time.


If you have deadstock items, why not sell them on StockX?  StockX is a great platform that offers both dead StockX (brand new) and B-grade (from outlet stores) items affordably. It is a reliable store that any seller or buyer can rely on.

As a seller, ensure you only list items that you have. The StockX team can easily penalize you for the delay in sending the items or sending fake items. All the best as you sell your items on StockX.

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