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10 Proven Ways to Get Yeezys Without a Bot

Adidas'sYeezy Boost sneakers have taken the sneaker market by storm. Kanye West's family line of shoes is one of the most difficult to get a pair of hands-on with. Every release, bots flood the Adidas website to buy as many Yeezys as possible.

The demand for Yeezys makes this almost impossible unless you're willing to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars due to resellers inflating the price. This article will assist sneakerheads in getting Yeezys without spending money on bots. Read on!

1. Line Up to Buy Yeezy

Line Up to Buy Yeezy

The most obvious way to get a pair of Yeezys is by lining up in front of a store. Many sneakerheads have employed this method, but it's not the most efficient way to get these kicks. When Kanye West's Yeezy Boost 350 V2s released, they were released at specific locations around the globe.

You can find out where they'll release. The store will open at 9 am local time and close once all pairs have been sold out or when supplies are depleted (whichever comes first). If you're lucky enough to live near one of these stores and don't mind waiting in line, this might be your best bet for getting Yeezys without a bot.

2. Beat Sneaker Bots by Using Sneaker Proxy

Beat Sneaker Bots by Using Sneaker Proxy

One way to beat sneaker bots is by using a proxy service like or These services let you use an external IP address to make your purchase instead of your own, so it looks like someone else is ordering from the retailer's website. This gives you an advantage over other shoppers because it allows you to place an order before anyone else (or at least close to as soon as possible).

3. Buy Yeezy On Resale Sites

Buy YeezyOn Resale Sites

The best way to get a pair of Yeezys is through resale sites. These sites allow you to buy sneakers at retail prices and sell them back at whatever price you want later on. You can even put them back up for sale if you wish to or sell them in person through the platform's app.

The resale process works because there are enough people out there willing to pay for Yeezy shoes — even though they're not cheap — but not enough pairs available from retailers like Adidas or Foot Locker.

4. Keep an Eye Out for Small Retailers

Keep an Eye Out for Small Retailers

Small retailers are often willing to make deals with customers who want a pair of Yeezys but can't afford them at the total price. Some even have special promotions where they'll give away free shoes for people sharing their information or signing up for their mailing lists.

5. Use Chrome Browser Autofill Feature

Use Chrome Browser Autofill Feature

If you're going through an app or website that requires you to fill out forms to purchase something, like tickets or sneakers, use Google Chrome's autofill feature instead of typing everything out manually. It'll save you time, which is vital for getting Yeezys without using a bot.

6. Use Page Monitor Tool

Use Page Monitor Tool

Another option is to use a page monitor tool like Hacking Point or Click Monitor, which allows users to track when certain pages go live to log in immediately when they do. These tools will only work if there's a public sale date listed on, so make sure that there is one before using one of these services!

7. Join the Raffle

Join the Raffle

If you're lucky, you can find some raffles online that offer free pairs of Yeezy shoes or other gifts from Kanye West. Join the raffle, wait for it to end, and see if you win the prize. Some raffles require payment for participants to win their awards, but these are cheaper than buying them on websites like eBay or Craigslist. Remember that raffle tickets cost money, too! It may take time to determine whether you won any prizes, so keep that in mind when joining these contests.

8. Buy Yeezy Through Plugs

Buy Yeezy Through Plugs

This is probably the most popular way to get Yeezys. Not everyone has access to these plugs, so only a few people can get them. A plug is someone who works in an official store or factory where Yeezys are manufactured, and they can sell them for a higher price than what you would pay at retail stores like the Finish Line or Foot Locker.

If you want to buy Yeezys through a plug, find one that works at an official Yeezy factory or store, then contact them and make sure they sell authentic products. If you know someone who works at Adidas or Kanye West's team, they can probably hook you up with a pair of Yeezys without using a bot.

If you want something specific — like a specific colorway or size — it's helpful to contact someone “in the know.” Some sneakerheads have connections at their local Adidas stores who can help them secure pairs of Yeezys when they're released in stores. You may even get a pair before they're available online or at retail locations!

9. Buying Yeezy with ATC(add-to-cart)

Buying Yeezy with ATC act to chart

To purchase the Yeezy, you need to add it to your cart. This is an official method, and it works very well. If you do not have any problems with your account, this is the easiest way to get your hands on the new Yeezy release.

You can search for the sneakers you want, add them to your cart, and check out like normal.

10. Find a Proxy Seller

Find a Proxy Seller

Using a proxy seller means paying more for your sneakers than usual, but it offers an alternative to bots if you're serious about getting your hands on some Yeezys. A proxy service essentially acts as an authorized retailer by buying products directly from Adidas, so they're guaranteed authentic and fresh off the factory line. You'll still have to pay an extra fee for their services.

Bottom Line

It's important to know that the instant gratification you get from owning a fabulous pair of shoes at a relatively low price doesn't mean it isn't still wrong. Sneakers are expensive because they are in limited supply, not because of bots. The retailers have the power, and they are at an advantage when restocking sneaker retails. You can choose the best way to get Yeezys without a Bot with the right approach.