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How to Use the TEMU Gift Card that Comes With Your Package? [2024]

How to Use the TEMU Gift Card that Comes With Your Package? TEMU is an online marketplace that offers great deals on a variety of products. One of the key features of shopping on TEMU is that many purchases come with a TEMU gift card included with your order. This allows you to save even more money on future TEMU purchases.

TEMU gift cards typically range from $5 to $20 in value depending on the original purchase amount. They come in digital code format, so you receive the gift card code on your order confirmation email.

TEMU gift cards do not have an expiration date, so you can use them at any time for additional savings.

Checking Your Order Confirmation for the Gift Card

Once your TEMU order has shipped, you will receive an order confirmation email. This email has important details about your purchase, including any promotional gift card that was included. Be sure to open the email and look for your gift card code.

The gift card code will be a 16-digit alphanumeric code under the “Gift Cards Used” section of the email. You may also see it labeled as “TEMU Credit.” This is the code you will need to redeem your gift card value. Copy or take note of this code to use when making another TEMU purchase.

If for some reason you did not receive the gift card code in your confirmation, you can contact TEMU customer support. Have your order number ready and they can look up if there was a gift card attached and provide you the code.

Where Can You Use Your TEMU Gift Card?

TEMU gift cards can be used to save money on millions of products available in the TEMU marketplace across all categories. Whether you want to buy electronics, kitchen gadgets, toys, beauty products, or anything in between – a TEMU gift card helps you save on your next purchase.

Some key things to know about using TEMU gift cards:

  • They can only be used on the TEMU platform, not at external retailer sites.
  • There is no minimum order value to use a gift card. You can apply it to any order amount.
  • Gift cards do not expire, so take your time to shop for products you really want.
  • You can use gift cards on top of existing discounts and flash sale promotions to maximize your savings.

Overall the gift cards offer a great incentive to shop TEMU again in the future. Saving even more is easy with bonus gift card credit!

How to Apply Your TEMU Gift Card to an Order

When you are ready to use your TEMU gift card, simply follow these easy steps during checkout:

1. Add Desired Items to Your Cart

Browse or search for items on and add anything you would like to purchase to your shopping cart. Make sure to get your order value above the free shipping minimum (usually around $49) to save on delivery fees too.

Take advantage of any active promotions or daily flash sales to get the best discounts in addition to using your gift card.

2. Proceed to Checkout

When you have everything you want in your cart, click the checkout button to go through the payment process. First confirm your shipping address is correct on the order.

3. Look for Gift Card Entry

During the checkout process you will come across a section labeled “Gift Cards” along with options to enter any coupon codes. This is where you can apply your TEMU gift card.

4. Enter Your Gift Card Code

In the Gift Cards box, input your 16-digit TEMU gift card code exactly as it appears on your confirmation email from your first order. Enter the code carefully with no spaces to ensure it processes properly.

5. Ensure Gift Card Is Applied

After entering your 16-digit gift card code, make sure the checkout screen updates to show the gift card value deducted from your order. You will even see the gift card labeled as the payment method for that amount.

If it does not show, try inputting the code again carefully to apply the credit.

6. Complete Your Checkout

Finish completing your checkout by entering the remaining payment owed after the gift card value is applied. Enter any other promo codes as well during checkout.

Review your final order totals and payment breakdown before placing your order. Then just wait for your new TEMU package with even more savings thanks to your gift card!

Checking Your Gift Card Balance

Want to know how much you have left on your TEMU gift card to save on a future purchase? Check your balance easily in just a few steps:

1. Go to Your TEMU Account Profile

First log into your account dashboard by clicking “Account” in the top menu when signed into the TEMU site. This takes you to your profile and order history.

2. Locate Gift Card Information

On your main account page scroll down to the “Gift Cards” section. Here you will see any gift card codes you have entered, along with remaining balance.

Make note of unused gift card balances to use on your next TEMU order for additional savings.

3. Contact Customer Service If Issues

If you are unable to see your gift card balance in your account, reach out to TEMU’s customer service team for help. They can look up any cards attached to your account and confirm details so you can continue saving.

Get Future Purchases with Gift Cards Too

The savings do not have to stop at just one gift card code. Many TEMU purchases will come with additional gift card codes for even more discounts down the road.

When you redeem a TEMU gift card during checkout, there is still a chance your new order will include another gift card code for making a qualifying purchase amount. This means you can accumulate savings over time with every order.

So check each new order confirmation – you may just score another gift card code to apply to your next TEMU cart! Ultimately enjoy even more value the more you buy with special gift card offers attached on top of TEMU’s every day low prices.

Gift Card Terms & Conditions

While TEMU gift card promotion codes make it easy to save on the TEMU marketplace, there are a few terms to keep in mind:

  • Gift cards only apply to merchandise on, not delivery or other service fees from TEMU.
  • Any unused gift card balance remains associated with your account over time.
  • Gift cards and promotional credits cannot be converted into cash or account credit outside of TEMU store purchases.
  • Gift cards are non-transferrable to other customer accounts – only the original recipient can redeem them.
  • TEMU reserves the right to cancel any gift cards it deems as fraudulently earned or applied to accounts.
  • Per standard policy, returns/refunds will deduct any discount values applied in the original transaction.

As long as used as intended for TEMU marketplace purchases only, gift card savings give all customers great bonus value on top of TEMU’s regular prices and discount offerings.

Get Support If Any Gift Card Issues Arise

Hopefully redeeming your TEMU gift card that came with your package is quick and convenient following the steps outlined above. But issues can occasionally come up preventing you from using your gift card credit.

If you run into any problems or errors applying a gift card to your TEMU order, there are a few places you can go to for support:

TEMU Customer Service

TEMU has 24/7 customer service via phone, email and online chat support. Reach out to their team explaining your gift card issue and they will work to investigate and fix it from their end. Often it is just a technical error with applying the code that they can remedy quickly.

Check the TEMU Subreddit

There is an active community of TEMU customers on the r/TEMU subreddit. Search for posts related to gift card problems or make your own describing what is happening. Fellow users or TEMU representatives on reddit may be able to provide guidance based on similar issues users have seen.

Troubleshoot Your Steps

Also go back through the gift card application steps above to ensure you entered the code correctly on the TEMU checkout page. Check that the code matches the confirmation email for the order it was attached to. Retry applying the gift card a few times as well by deleting and carefully re-entering the code.

With some troubleshooting and support you should ultimately get your gift card situation resolved. TEMU makes it a priority that shoppers can maximize savings from bonuses like gift card promotions across their marketplace orders.

Make the Most of Your TEMU Gift Cards

Getting a TEMU gift card code to use on your next order is an exciting bonus that stretches your savings even further. Whether a $5 or $20 value card, take advantage of the easy redemption process to shop TEMU again soon for your needed essentials and wanted fun treats too.

Hopefully this comprehensive guide gives you all the necessary details on how to use your TEMU gift card that came with your recent package. Checking your confirmation email, properly applying gift cards at online checkout, tracking remaining balances – all made simple so you skip no savings opportunities.

Pair gift card discounts on top of the everyday low prices and further sales or coupons when buying again on TEMU.

Frequently Asked Questions About TEMU Gift Cards

Can I use more than one TEMU gift card per order?

Yes, there is no limit on how many gift cards that can be applied to a single TEMU order. Use as many as you have to maximize your savings!

Where do I find my gift card number to redeem it?

Your gift card is on your TEMU order confirmation email sent after the purchase ships. Scroll down until you see the 16-digit code under “Gift Cards Used”.

Do TEMU gift cards work on the mobile app too?

Absolutely – TEMU gift cards can be applied in the checkout process on both the website as well as in the iOS & Android mobile apps too.

What if my friend gifted me a TEMU gift card instead?

No problem – the gift card process remains the same. At TEMU checkout, simply enter the 16-digit gift card code your friend provided in the payment section to redeem it.

Can I redeem only a portion of the gift card balance to checkout?

Yes, qualifying gift card balances can be split across multiple TEMU purchases over time. Use what you need for each order and save any leftover amounts for buying later.

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