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Is goat Legit? Ultimate GOAT Review [2023]

If you're new to the shoe game, the sheer number of markets available might be bewildering. There are so many alternatives accessible, and they all promise to be the finest, so deciding where to acquire your kicks may be a daunting endeavor. All thanks to this article, we've dug deep through some of the most popular online marketplaces to offer you an in-depth look at each one.

Today's spotlight is on GOAT, one of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces. With the ability to purchase and trade both new and used sneakers, anything you're looking for is sure to be found on GOAT.

Continue reading below and who knows! You might just land yourself a chance to buy or sell with the goat.

What is the goat?

What is the goat

GOAT is a shoe reselling website that allows customers to resell their sneakers through a completely regulated process that prevents fakes from slipping through. The known reselling sneaker company was founded in 2015 after inventor Daishin Sugano was struck by a fake pair of Air Jordan 5s while shopping on eBay. After this terrible experience, Mr. Sugano was inspired to build a trustworthy site that suits the shoe needs of its customers.

Deadstock (new) and worn shoes are accepted on the site, allowing customers who missed out on the first distribution of a pair to repurchase them on the resale market. GOAT highly ranks as one of the few popular alternatives currently trending now. Whether you're trying to purchase or sell the current release or a rare pair from the past, Goat has got you covered.

Where do goat shoes come from?

Where do goat shoes come from

Like flight club, goat sources its sneakers from previous owners. They may be slightly worn or new depending on how well the owner kept them.

Goat specializes in various types of designer sneakers to fulfill your demands. They start stocking up on new, popular, and vintage footwear. They are currently the go-to outlet for the latest and trendiest branded sportswear.

Is goat real?

Is goat real

GOAT is a professionally monitored global market where you can purchase or sell your sneakers with confidence. They are a well-established company that has been in operation for a few years and is well-versed in the market. If you've had your eye on a brand on GOAT or have a significant collection to offer, it may be a terrific way to lessen the burden of parting!

Are the shoes on the goat authentic?

Are the shoes on the goat authentic

GOAT has a strong verification procedure, making it practically difficult for counterfeit sneakers to enter the marketplace. Any pairs are validated in-house by several experts who also employ a digital validation system to ensure that all shoes that make it onto the site are of the highest quality possible. Guarantee that counterfeits don't slip past, the team undergoes a laborious process of logging every single aspect of every new release.

When you buy shoes from GOAT, you may be completely at ease. Once you've clicked the buy button, you can trust the extra effort of the specialized authentication staff.

How to sell shoes on GOAT

To prevent any form of fraud cases, GOAT has strong regulations in place for vendors. For one to sell on GOAT, they must first register to become an authorized seller, which entails confirming ID and completing a series of application questions designed to weed out scammers early on. It is hard to completely prevent this, but GOAT does an excellent job of detecting blatant phony accounts from the start. The sales process becomes quite straightforward after the authentication.

If you're trading used shoes, you must take good pictures of any faults or the pair will be disqualified, however with new trainers, you only need to say if there are any issues with the pair or not.

How to sell shoes on GOAT

Afterward, you have the option of shipping your kicks to GOAT's warehouses for a “pre-verification process” (and hence sell faster), or keeping them in there and shipping them immediately after they resell. You will be paid after the shoes have been authenticated.

FAQS on Goat

Q. Does GOAT sell counterfeit shoes?

GOAT authenticates every sneaker they receive, new or old. You may be confident that every shoe you buy on the platform has been authenticated.

Q. What is the return policy on GOAT?

GOAT only welcomes returned on “New in Box, GOAT Clean, gear purchases, and accessory purchases” provided they are returned in the very same quality as when they were purchased. Check GOAT's money-back guarantee for the kicks you wish to buy.

Q. Are there legitimate vendors on GOAT?

To guarantee that all vendors on the marketplace are genuine, GOAT employs a stringent authentication process. This implies that fraudulent accounts are detected earlier on.

However, as the specialists review the submitted items, keep in mind that mistakes sometimes happen and goods can sometimes fall through the cracks, but this is quite unusual. If you want to buy a pair of sneakers without any problem, you can trust that vendors on GOAT are trustworthy.


Nowadays, especially in light of the epidemic, it is impossible to physically travel to commercial shops to get the products you require. It is now feasible to acquire everything you require online with the press of a mouse.

GOAT is a website that lists all of the most uncommon, trendy, and elegant shoe collections. This website provides special bargains as well as a large selection of footwear. The website features brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Jordans and provides great savings on the most recent releases.

We hope this information has been helpful and has addressed your inquiries about GOAT, so while you're still here, keep checking goat's homepage and stay tuned for all the newest sneakers and trendy developments!