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  • Marc Payne
    September 10, 2014

    With upmost respect to the legendary Mr. Mike Street


    Uncle snoop approved and I hope Mike Street can too. I made this music video to discuss injustice happening to our brothers and sisters in America in a creative way. Please take a minute of your time to connect with the movement #Justice4Juveniles

    With respect for I don’ want this to be seen as spam for it is my heart& soul given to you as a visual
    -Marc Payne
    Twitter @MrMarcPayne

  • Jennifer
    October 13, 2014

    #FoolsGold #FoolsGold

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 10/13/2014: MdotforMayor – “Jaded Little Things”

    MdotforMayor’s latest release, “Jaded Little Things” is without a doubt a song for all the heads. While highlighting the ups and downs, and pitfalls that leave many a person “Jaded” Mr. Mayor takes a different approach and lists all the reasons to “NOT” be Jaded. Produced by Bam from San Diego. MdotforMayor’s upcoming album Fools Gold will be available Nov. 4th everywhere.
    For more go to foolsgold.atkboy.com.

    Download Links:

    For more go to:

    Jennifer Hilliard
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  • WebOriginate Ltd.
    October 27, 2014

    WebOriginate is a Web Design Company offering High quality Web Design and Development packages throughout New Zealand, including Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin.

  • The Ren Revolution
    October 27, 2014


    We are The Ren Revolution, a Visual Artistic Movement from Brooklyn New York consisting of three members Jahmel R, Terrance T. Young, Brandon Dottin. Our movement believes that art is the foundation of culture and unity is the backbone of society. We display that message by creating, exposing or collaborating with multiple artists through a visual medium. For the past year my teammates and I have directed and/or starred in various pieces that have been featured on popular magazine sites, blogs, radio stations and we’ve also won awards. Our latest project isn’t only ambitious and innovative, but it perfectly represents The Ren Revolution, it perfectly represents Art and Unity.

    The Emcee Memoirs : A Cinematic LP is a unique and ambitious film brought to life by Filmmaker Jahmel R, We are visually telling a story in the form of a musical album. Each song represents one part of a large cohesive story. The synopsis for this story goes as follows.

    In the city of “Nuu Yawk” Hip Hop is life, and the Annual Emcee Competition is an event that crowns the champion of each Boro in the city. Once victorious, the champion and his or her crew has musical influence in the Boros, and then will battle on to become champion of the entire city. Our tale follows a young woman named Moro, a gifted Emcee who has lost the confidence to rap due to the death of her older brother Stoke, the former champion of “Bruklenn”. Moro’s quest to find herself through the art of Hip Hop will lead her to confront her dark past and inspire a city through the power of her voice.

    Starring NY Emcees, Asha Hadiyah, Joesph” Manifesto” Golden, Josiah “The Gift” Nimely, Brandon “Dot” Dottin and Lafayette Stokely. With a Score by Segnon.

    We hope that you would post the teaser trailer for this project on your site as well as content in relation to the film, enjoy and thank you for your time.

    The Ren Revolution.

    Link for teaser

    Contact The Ren
    Email – Renrevolution@gmail.com
    Website – http://www.therenrevolution.com
    Instagram- @Renrevolution
    Facebook- http://on.fb.me/1oA3wRu
    Twitter – @Ren_Revolution

    November 7, 2014

    November 29th the Supply X Demand Show makes its first stop in NEW YORK CITY @ the legendardy Webster Hall! For vendor information, purchase tickets or to get involved call 718.787.6307 or email info@supplyxdemandshow.com


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