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What Does Rebate Work on TEMU? [2024]

TEMU is a popular e-commerce marketplace launched in 2020 that offers factory-direct prices on quality items to consumers. The company’s name stands for “Top-rated eBay Marketplace Unlimited”. Some key things to know about TEMU:

  • It was created by PDD Holdings, a large Chinese e-commerce company
  • TEMU sources products directly from manufacturers, cutting out middlemen to offer low prices
  • The marketplace has rapidly grown in popularity thanks to its affordable pricing
  • Categories of products sold include electronics, home and garden, beauty and health, pets, hobbies, automotive accessories and more

What is a Rebate on TEMU?

TEMU offers rebates as a way to save shoppers even more money on already discounted products. A TEMU rebate allows you to get back a percentage of the final purchase amount in the form of TEMU credits.

For example, if a product is $100, and TEMU is offering a 50% rebate, you would pay $100 at checkout. After delivery, you would receive $50 in TEMU credits that can be used for future TEMU purchases.

How Do Rebates Work on TEMU?

Here is an overview of how rebates function on the TEMU marketplace:

Rebates Must Be Claimed

After purchasing a product that is rebate-eligible, the rebate will show up in your TEMU account under “My Rebates”. But it won’t be automatically applied. You need to manually claim the rebate by clicking the “Claim Now” button.

Photo/Video Review Required

To unlock the rebate, TEMU requires you submit a photo or video review of the purchased product. This review has to contain images/footage clearly showing you received the item.

Rebate Value Varies

Rebate amounts fluctuate depending on the specific product. Most rebates fall in the range of 20-50% of the item price, but can sometimes be higher. Limited-time “flash” rebates can reach up to 90% off.

Credits Expire

TEMU rebate credits expire 365 days after they are added to your account if unused. So make sure to use them within a year.

For Final Sale Items Only

Only products listed as “final sale” qualify for rebates. This means items that can still be returned don’t offer the rebate option during checkout.

What Products Work with Rebates on TEMU?

TEMU displays rebate information on each applicable product page. But in general, most categories and item types are eligible for rebate promotions, including:


Phones, laptops, TVs, gaming devices, small appliances, smart home gadgets, drones, cameras and electronics accessories frequently have rebates. For example, wireless earbuds may have a 30% rebate.

Home & Garden

This department features rebates on major appliances, furniture, home decor, craft supplies, vacuum cleaners, tools and more. You may find a patio set with a 40% rebate.

Sports & Outdoors

Outdoorsy products like treadmills, exercise bikes, hunting/fishing gear, bikes and scooters often qualify for decent rebates in the 15-35% range.


While parts for vehicles have smaller rebates, some auto accessories offer higher rates – like a $50 rebate on a $150 dash cam.

Health & Beauty

Beauty devices (hair tools, skin gadgets), makeup products, fragrances, personal care appliances and supplements typically offer rebates up to 40% back.

Do All Sellers Offer Rebates?

On TEMU, rebates come directly from sellers, not TEMU itself. So not all vendors participate. When browsing products, look for the “Rebate” tag to see if one is available before purchase. The seller profile page also notes if a merchant offers rebates.

Popular sellers providing rebates include:

  • Temushop: TEMU’s private label brand with rebates on many electronics and home goods.
  • Hoojum: Top-rated seller with frequent rebates up to 50% off appliances, furniture, home items.
  • Youthink: Leading vendor with rebate deals on apparel, health products, luggage, electronics.
  • Chichik: Favorite among beauty shoppers for makeup/skincare rebates.

Check individual seller pages while shopping to find the best rebate deals from reputable brands.

How to Get the Most Savings from Rebates

Follow these tips to maximize your savings from TEMU rebates:

1. Sign Up For Newsletters

TEMU sellers periodically send out coupon codes and early news of upcoming flash rebates to subscribers.

2. Don’t Skip Product Reviews

Leaving an honest, detailed review with photos or video is necessary to claim the rebate credit. Take a few quick minutes to share your thoughts after delivery.

3. Compare Rebates

If buying a big ticket item, check rebates from multiple top-rated sellers selling that product. One vendor may offer a larger rebate than others.

4. Shop Rebates Stacks

Sometimes rebate savings stack on top of coupons or existing sale pricing, amplifying the discounts. If a $500 computer has a 30% off coupon and 40% rebate, huge savings are achieved.

5. Share With Friends

Get a $20 account credit for every friend that buys their first TEMU order over $40 via your referral link. Then use those credits to purchase items already with rebates for double savings.

Rebates Terms and Conditions

While TEMU rebates provide excellent value to shoppers, there are some terms and conditions to be aware of:

  • Rebate values can change anytime – the amount shown during purchase is guaranteed
  • Rebates only apply to products listed as Final Sale (non-refundable)
  • To unlock rebate, customers must submit their own photo/video review within 7 days of estimated delivery
  • Rebate credits on TEMU account expire 365 days after being rewarded if unused
  • For returns due to damage/incorrect items, rebate credit gets deducted from refund amount
  • TEMU can cancel any rebate if reviews appear fabricated or suspicious

Carefully review the specific rebate details shown on each product page before buying as terms can vary.

How Long Does it Take To Get Rebates?

You should receive your TEMU account credits within 5-7 days after uploading an eligible product review.

Here is the standard timeline:

  1. Order Rebate Eligible Item (Final Sale)
  2. Receive and Inspect Delivery
  3. Write Review with Pictures/Video Within 7 Days
  4. TEMU Approves Review
  5. Rebates Credits Added to Your Account Within 5-7 days

Note that during major shopping holidays like Black Friday, rebate approval and payout may take longer due to high order volumes.

If your review gets rejected or more than 2 weeks passes without receiving credits after an approved review, reach out to TEMU customer support through live chat or email for assistance. Expect a response within 24 hours during normal operation.

Can Rebates Be Combined With Other Discounts?

Yes, one of the great perks of TEMU rebates is that they can stack on top of many other savings:

  • Coupons: Rebates work in tandem with sitewide or category percent-off coupons that sellers issue. If stacking, the coupon savings applies first, then rebate credits based on the already discounted price.
  • Bundle Deals: Products bundled together in discounted multi-item packs are still eligible for listed rebates based on the bundle’s total price.
  • First Order Codes: Sitewide discounts like $15 off a $59+ order for first time buyers still allow listed rebates on top of coupon savings.
  • Lightning Deals: TEMU’s flash sales offering steep discounts for 6-8 hours let you score both deal pricing and rebates simultaneously.

The main exclusions are that rebates don’t apply to:

  • Already open box/clearance products
  • Refurbished goods
  • Items discounted through seller voucher codes

Outside of those exceptions – rebate savings can be combined with other existing bargains for maximum value.

Are Rebates Available on the TEMU App?

Yes – TEMU rebates fully integrate with the TEMU shopping app. Users can browse, purchase and manage rebates directly within the iOS and Android apps.

Key functions like:

  • Searching for rebate eligible goods
  • Activating rebate offer before checkout
  • Reviewing My Rebates section
  • Uploading images/video reviews
  • Getting rebate credits

All work seamlessly through the mobile experience.

The TEMU app also sends notifications when your claimed rebates become available and any expires soon.

Downloaded the app allows checking for and utilizing ongoing rebates on-the-go.

Can I Get Rebates When Shopping As a Guest?

TEMU gives all shoppers the ability to buy items with rebates without needing an account. During checkout under the guest option, you can claim a rebate offer.

After delivery, submit the order number and review to qualify for the credits. TEMU support then issues the rebate amount to the original payment method.

However, signing up for a free TEMU member account makes managing and using rebates easier:

  • See claimable rebate status in one dashboard
  • Get reminders before credits expire
  • Use credits across multiple orders
  • Get exclusive subscriber-only deals
  • Easier reordering and order tracking

While guest checkout allows for rebate savings – having an account maximizes the value.

Why Does TEMU Offer Rebates?

For shoppers, rebates provide great supplemental discounts on already affordable products. But why does TEMU integrate rebate programs into its marketplace model?

There are a few key strategic reasons:

Encourage Review Content

Rebate payouts are tied to requiring shoppers submit reviews. This constantly expands TEMU’s catalog of customer images, video footage and evaluations. More user-generated content leads to improved conversion rates.

Support Sellers

Rebates give participating sellers useful marketing data from reviews to optimize listings. Vendors also gain free advertising when content is shared. Offering rebates earns seller loyalty in the competitive marketplace.

Promote Retention

The rebate credits expire in 365 days, encouraging return visits to use them. This drives customer retention for TEMU vs. rival sites. Shoppers also browse new products each rebate redemption.


No other major marketplace connects discounts directly to shoppers contributing reviews/media. This innovative rebate system makes TEMU stand apart.

Rebates let TEMU support sellers and buyers while gathering useful community content and brand loyalty.


TEMU’s cash back rebates effectively reward online shoppers for contributing reviews while encouraging marketplace activity and differentiation. When buying new products, always check for available rebates from top sellers.

Combine rebate offers with coupons, app-only deals and bundle sets for maximum savings on everything from phone cases to sofas. Just be sure to carefully read rebate terms before finalizing any purchase.

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