Lady Gaga has been gone for a minute from the world of music. Her tour came to a stop when it was discovered that she had suffered a major hip injury. The singer, announced on Feb. 12 that she is suffering from a condition called Synovitis, an inflammation of the joints that can cause significant pain, significant swelling and reduced range of motion. Subsequent tests revealed that she had a labral tear in her right hip and Doctors ordered her to stop the tour and get major surgery to repair the condition.

Lady Gaga was slated to release her new album Art Pop this year but due to the injury the album has been put on hold until she can fully support the record and has fully recovered. Lady Gaga has been absent from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks while she recovers. But is she back?

Reports have it that Lady Gaga was recently seen at jazz trumpeter Brian Newman‘s gig at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City and reportedly wowed a small crowd when she joined the musician for an impromptu rendition of “Someone to Watch Over Me.” Her fans have been eagerly waiting her return and it looks like she is back and ready to get back on the trail to release Art Pop.

“Thanks to the 1&only @ladygaga for coming out to @GPHhotel tonight an singing a song!!” Brian Newman took to his Twitter account to tweet after the show.

This was Lady Gaga’s first time on stage since she was forced to cancel the remainder of her Born This Way Ball tour to undergo hip surgery. So now we all want to know what will be the full time table for her return.

Then on 5/15 during the new Versus Versace line party, which included such eccentric stunts as a pedicab stacked to the ceiling with handbags and Donatella Versace dressing male models inside a glass cube. But perhaps the most talked about moment of the night was an appearance of no other then Lady Gaga. Gaga emerged as the musical director of Versace’s Versus fashion show. She allegedly used snippets from her forthcoming album, “ARTPOP.”

Lady Gaga has been quiet as of late but except a big splash from her in the upcoming months. Are you ready for the return of Lady Gaga? Are you ready for ARTPOP? Will you rush out to buy Lady Gaga concert tickets when the tour restarts?

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