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8 Best WordPress Accessibility Plugins for Website Inclusion in 2023

Website accessibility through automated tools empowers organizations to cost-effectively make content inclusive for all users – including the over 1 billion people globally living with disabilities.

This expanded guide explores:

  • The drivers expanding the accessiblity market
  • 12 leading WordPress plugins for making your site compliant
  • Comparative analysis of 5 top options
  • Implementing for ongoing ADA and WCAG conformance
  • Emerging technology trends in accessibility
  • The revenue opportunities increased inclusion provides

Let‘s get started unlocking your website‘s full potential!

The Growing Web Accessibility Market

Several converging trends are driving urgency and market growth around website accessibility:

1. Expanding Internet Use – As internet penetration grows globally, ensuring sites serve users regardless of disability becomes more critical. The number of sites deploying basic accessibility features grew over 300% from 2017 to 2022.

2. Regulatory Compliance – Mandates like the ADA in the US and EU directives make accessibility an imperative. Still over 97% of the top 1 million home pages have WCAG failures. Steep legal and regulatory fines can result.

3. Untapped Spending Power – The disposable income of people with disabilities tops $21 billion in the US alone. Simple tools to make sites usable for them represents an under-tapped opportunity.

Integrating accessibility best practices through automation tools saves money while unlocking this wider audience and avoiding risks – driving rapid industry growth.

Global Web Accessibility Market Growth

Year Market Size USD Growth %
2022 $4.3 Billion 16%
2026 $7.5 Billion* 20%*

Implementing WordPress plugins that continually monitor and correct issues is key to exploiting this opportunity.

Latest Website Accessibility Standards

Understanding conformance requirements guides tool selection and processes:

WCAG 2.1 – Updated accessibility standards with additional criteria for mobile access, color contrast and more. Compliance grows but over 85% still fail.

WCAG 2.2 – Brand new guidance released in 2022 focusing on cognitive disabilities, detrimental behavior triggers and learning limitations. Early adoption but poised for growth.

Now let‘s explore leading WordPress plugins to address these standards.

12 Best WordPress Accessibility Plugins

Here are 12 top options spanning free to enterprise capabilities:

  1. One Click Accessibility – Free lightweight installer for basic enhancements.

  2. UserWay – Generous free plan with paid upgrades available.

  3. accessiBe – Comprehensive automated remediation powered by AI.

  4. EqualWeb – Paired AI scanner and full manual remediation.

  5. AudioEye – Specializes in healing audio and visual gaps.

  6. Accessibility with john@a11yc – Free toolkit improving forms, navigation and media.

  7. WP Accessibility Tools – Open source auditor good for WCAG prep.

  8. User Accessibility Plus – Customizable free overlay helper targeting motor disabilities.

  9. DG Logo Slider – Free mobile-friendly slider alternative with rich automation options saving development costs.

  10. Siteimprove – QR code builder seamlessly tackling WCAG deficiencies.

  11. Monsido – On-page content feedback direct from real disabled testers – unique value.

  12. Compliance Sheriff – Top tier managed solution of auditing, monitoring and expert-led remediations.

Spanning free tools like User Accessibility Plus to advanced systems like Compliance Sheriff, WordPress sites have strong choices for improved accessibility and inclusion. Now let‘s compare a few leading solutions.

accessiBe vs. UserWay vs. Compliance Sheriff vs. Monsido

Here is an overview comparing 4 popular commercial plugins:

accessiBe UserWay Compliance Sheriff Monsido
Cost $49+/month $47+/month Custom Quote $99+/month
Setup Automated Easy Manual audit QR code embed
Scanning Constant AI On-demand Human + software Real user testing
Remediation Automated Limited Full human + software Recommendations
Standards ADA, WCAG ADA, WCAG ADA, WCAG + custom ADA, Section 508

accessiBe – Broadest automated solution using advanced AI to scan and self-heal.

UserWay – Budget overlay utility addressing 80%+ of common issues.

Compliance Sheriff – Full managed suite of auditing, monitoring and expert accessibility services.

Monsido – Unique user testing and page feedback from real impaired visitors.

Review key differentiators like full automation vs. human validation to choose the best fit. Properly implementing your selected WordPress accessibility plugin drives ROI.

Implementing Accessibility Plugins

Follow these 10 tips for smooth deployment and ongoing management:

Initial Setup

  1. Install on a dev environment first to catch conflicts.
  2. Inform visitors enhancements are coming to manage expectations.
  3. Check for plugin conflicts across full site before go-live.

4. Monitor closely for first 5 days tracking site performance.
5. Define alerting thresholds for support team response times.
6. Request visitor feedback via surveys on improvements.

7. Review automated scanner results weekly prioritizing critical defects.
8. Refresh accessibility statement displayed to visitors quarterly.
9. Validate high traffic landing pages manually every 6 months for quality assurance.
10. Confirm compliance through 3rd-party audits every 2 years.

Processes bridging IT, marketing, legal and product groups establishes accountability in reaching and maintaining accessibility goals.

Ongoing standards evolution also warrants planning as we discuss next section.

The Future of Website Accessibility

Several technology trends will shape the next phase of accessibility improvements:

  • Voice Navigation – Voice assistants make sites usable hands and eyes-free critical for some user groups.

  • AR & VR Considerations – Design elements like color contrast and link context are vital for equitable access as augmented and virtual reality mature.

  • Adaptive Content AI – Automated restructuring of page layouts, text formatting and media for personal needs through machine learning has huge potential to advance.

  • Smart Federated Testing – Crowdsourced disability testing harnessing groups of actual users will grow as platforms emerge making it seamless.

  • Continuous Automated Compliance – Self-healing sites using automation to instantly remedy gaps without human intervention will become the norm not the exception.

Improved simulated assessments and fixers augmented by targeted expert human review will drive the next wave of accessibility innovation.

The Revenue Opportunity of Accessible Sites

The benefits of harnessing tools for website inclusion and conformance span more than just enhanced compliance:

  • Wider Audience – An accessible site opens content to the over 1 billion people globally with disabilities.

  • Improved SEO – Optimization factors like alt text on images and transcripts on videos also boost search rankings.

  • Stronger Brand Trust – Users perceive inclusive sites as more ethical improving loyalty and advocacy.

  • Future-Proofing – Constantly evolving technology means gaps emerge quickly – early automation adoption creates buffers as expectations and standards rise.

Building fundamentally accessible platforms through plugins like accessiBe even opens potential in assistive technology partnerships.

Overall increased revenue opportunity tops $30 million for mid-market sites converting just 2% more traffic through improved inclusive design and conversion optimization.

The business case combining risk mitigation with audience and revenue expansion shows the hard value of continuous accessibility planning through the latest WordPress plugins.

Start Your Accessibility Journey

I hope this expanded guide has provided ample data and strategic advice to advance your website accessibility and overall digital inclusion efforts.

Automated tools backed by sound implementation processes and planning for the future of assistive technology allows organizations to tap the full potential of their digital experiences – benefiting both visitors and the bottom line.

Review the 12 plugin recommendations and feature comparisons to kickstart your journey toward building a website for all. Please reach out with any other questions!