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How Long Does Goat Take to Ship [Apr 2023]

The GOAT crew counter-checks instantaneous items and ships them directly from GOAT. They also prioritize instant products for processing in GOAT centers. Pick “Next Day” Delivery while checking out to get your items much faster. Goat will charge you a delivery fee for “Instant” purchases ordered with Next Day freight for only $25.

Always remember that Next Day shipping is only available for “Instant” products with a pickup location in one of the 48 contiguous states; deliveries to Mailboxes or military bases are not eligible. This article will highlight how long GOAT takes to deliver your sneakers and where it delivers from.

How much time does Goat take to process the order?

Goat take to process the order

The mission of GOAT is to become the most trusted online store of footwear, clothing, and electronics. They try to exclusively sell genuine, high-quality items by acquiring from the world's most respected boutiques and retailers. GOAT verifies their resale products using machine learning technology, digital validation, in-hand authentication, or a combination of these approaches.

GOAT sends pre-verified merchandise such as clothes and accessories straight from their authorized retail and specialty suppliers. Once they get your sneakers, it will require 1-2 days to verify them. If the goods are bogus or not advertised, GOAT may alert you and provide a full refund.

How long does goat take to ship

Goat take to ship in worldwide

GOAT typically takes 8-10 days to complete and send an order once it's been booked. Users who buy particular things from GOAT typically have to wait 3-4 working days for them to arrive and complete payments. After completing the order procedure, you should get your product in 4 working days.

Next Day Delivery is the optimal choice whenever you need your things. If you reside in one of the 48 contiguous states, you stand a chance to qualify for Next Day Delivery.

If you utilize this option, your items should arrive the next working day, based on how long GOAT takes to transport. GOAT makes every effort to get its items to consumers as quickly as possible.

How much does Goat charge to ship items

Goat charge to ship items

Domestic shipment to the 48 contiguous states is $14.50 for anything besides “Instant” items bought with the Next Day delivery and $15 for Alaska and Hawaii.

Shipping is $25 for “Instant” products bought with the Next Day delivery. Please remember that Next Day shipping is only available for “Instant” products with a pickup location inside the 48 contiguous states but not for purchases shipped to PO Mailboxes or army bases.

Items marked “Instant” may additionally be subject to a 6.5 percent priority processing charge.

In addition, goat ships their shoes worldwide, and their customers are forced to pay for the shipping charges.

The following are international shipping rates:

  • Canada: $30
  • EU (except Malta and Cyprus): €15
  • Malta and Cyprus: €25
  • People's Republic of China: $25
  • Singapore: S$7
  • £13 (United Kingdom)
  • All other countries: $40

Users may be charged more for purchasing numerous products or bulky things.

What does Goat use for transportation?

Goat currently has two modes of international transportation. They include:



For certain overseas shipments, GOAT presently ships DDU. This means customers under this category are liable for all taxes and duties at the time of shipment, and GOAT does not obtain them beforehand because the carrier will receive them at the delivery time. If your nation is not represented in the different DDP models below, then the transaction will most likely fit into this group.



Duties and taxes are due at the time of purchase under the DDP model. GOAT collects all levies (where necessary) and taxes from the consumers at the point of purchase for items that fulfill the specifications given below and have a correct address in the applicable nation.

  • The people's Republic of China – It’s eligible for buyers who submit their national identity number at the checkout.
  • Singapore – All items are sent DDP. Please keep in mind that products worth more than SGD 400 are taxable.
  • United Kingdom – All items are sent DDP. It should be noted that products worth less than or equal to £135 are not subject to international duties but may be liable to VAT etc.

Does Goat have a shipping tracking system?

Shipping tracking system

Yes, Goat has a shipping tracking system. The digital Goat Order tracking system is the quickest and easiest method to acquire up-to-date information on the progress of your packages and the projected arrival date. Buyers can view their shipments using their tracking numbers in two ways:

  • Option 1

After your Goat purchase has been shipped, you should receive an email with your AWB number, which you may use to monitor your delivery. Type that number into the form provided to get the current location of your package.

If by chance, you don't have the tracking number, you may use Method 2 below:

  • Option 2

In the Goat account area, you can also monitor the progress of your orders. To see the progress of all your Goat orders, go to the My Account tab and click on ‘My Orders.' Select the ‘Order Number' link to examine the status of a certain order.

Can I return my sneakers to the goat?

Return my sneakers to goat

Goat always wants its customers to be delighted with their purchases. Therefore they allow returns on Goat clean, New in Box, New No Box, accessories and garments, and products that are in the same state as when dispatched. They do not offer refunds or accept return items or exchange of special goods (e.g., Vintage, custom, pre-release, Samples, Defect) or used items.

All GOAT products are marked as “Final Sale” on the payment page or items transported to a shipping company or postal address in China. All such transactions are Completed SALEs, and unfortunately, they do not accept returns. Please read their Purchases and Returns Policy for more details. Note that Goat only allows only some items returned to their premises. So countercheck and make sure they meet the requirements before returning them. It would be so bad to have your sneakers returned to you because of negligence.

How long does it take to return the shoes?

Take to return the shoes

You have three days starting from the day you got your order(s) to demand a return and mail your goods) back to our store. The item(s) will undergo a mandatory review procedure lasting up to 7 days after receipt. Once accepted, GOAT will repay you the money paid in GOAT Credit, less the shipping expenses to and from you and any other priority screening charge paid. The refund will be granted in the form of GOAT Credit, which will be applied immediately at checkout for future sales and will never expire, subject to only certain limits.


GOAT does not condone the selling of illegal or counterfeit goods. To minimize fakes and counterfeit goods, GOAT creates a forum for market players and checks the authenticity of the items in its secondhand marketplace. The app's designers assure clients that they will do everything necessary to protect the integrity of items offered on their platform. The whole verification process takes 2 days.

After verifying the shoes, the goat team makes arrangements to ship them to the buyers. In about 7 to 10 days, clients can start expecting their shipments from goat. The best thing about Goat’s improved technology is that clients can track their orders online with/without their tracking numbers.

We’d love your thoughts on Goat’s shipping process and time in the comments. Happy shopping!