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How Many GB is Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 is a popular role-playing video game that was originally released for the PlayStation 2 in 2006. Persona 3 Reload is an enhanced port of the game for the Nintendo Switch released in 2024.

As a story-driven RPG with cutting edge graphics at the time, Persona 3 took up a considerable amount of storage space. With the Switch port offering updated visuals and additional content, some may wonder just how large the download size is. This article will provide an in-depth look at the file size for Persona 3 Reload.

What is Persona 3 Reload?

Persona 3 Reload is an enhanced port of the original Persona 3 game for the Nintendo Switch. It was developed and published by Atlus and released in 2023. The game includes high-definition graphics, additional story content, expanded RPG mechanics, and quality of life improvements.

As a story-driven roleplaying game, Persona 3 focuses on balancing high school life with exploring supernatural dungeons. The game employs a Social Links system that has players forming relationships with characters to unlock abilities. There is also a changeable party system in battle along with the titular Personas which act as a character’s alter ego.

The Reload version keeps the original content intact while upgrading the graphics to today’s standards. It also adds new story arcs and party member storylines not seen in prior versions. These enhancements and extras contribute to the file size.

File Size on Nintendo eShop

According to the Nintendo eShop listing, the total file size for downloading Persona 3 Reload is 12.1 GB. This is the amount of storage space required if you purchase the game from the digital store.

The eShop also displays suggestions that an SD card may be needed as well as 29.5 GB of available space for additional data. This indicates substantial capacity is recommended when downloading the game to your Switch system.

Game Card File Size

For those wanting to buy the physical version, Persona 3 Reload fits on a 16 GB Nintendo Switch game card. When inserted, this game card contains the entire core application. However additional storage space is still required though for game data, save files, and DLC expansions.

Therefore, the total physical edition size comes out to a minimum of 16 GB for the read-only game card plus several GB for writable data files. Extra space beyond that may be necessary if you intend to purchase any of the available supplemental downloadable content.

Factors Influencing File Size

There are a few key factors that contribute to Persona 3 Reload’s total file size whether downloaded or physical:

  • High-definition graphics: Updated visuals at 1080p resolution with enhanced textures compared to the original PS2 release take up significant capacity. Crisp character models and environmental art are at the core.
  • Additional content: Approximately 30 hours of new story, expanded levels, and extended battles have been added. More content directly equates to larger file sizes.
  • Audio: The Reload edition contains the full original soundtrack redone at higher fidelity along with new music tracks. High-quality lossless audio accounts for a portion of space.
  • System mechanics: Enhancements to RPG systems like combat, dungeon exploration, and relationship management contain new background calculations and programming. Complex interwoven game mechanics require substantial coding which adds to overall capacity needs.
  • Backwards compatibility: For Switch players who never experienced the original, Persona 3 Reload incorporates legacy content, storylines, and mechanics from prior versions also adding to the file size footprint.

In total, all these enhancements place storage space requirements in the 10-30 GB range when factoring in the core application and expanded game data footprint.

Comparisons to Other Games

Looking at other story-driven RPG titles on the Switch gives a good indication for judging Persona 3 Reload’s file size. Here are some comparable genre examples with their eShop listed digital sizes:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – 28.1 GB
  • Dragon Quest XI – 32 GB
  • Skyrim – 25.8 GB
  • Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition – 14.4 GB

Accounting forPersona 3’s similarly expansive world, fidelity of graphics, and depth of systems – a 12 GB base application download is reasonable compared to Switch RPG peers. The enhanced content places it on the smaller side for this genre while expected DLC/expansion packs will increase the size later.

Available Storage Solutions

For those conscious of capacity when purchasing Persona 3 Reload either physically or digitally, what are the best way to ensure enough storage space?

Here some top options for adding room when downloading to Switch internal storage is limited:

  • MicroSD Card: An SD card ranging from 128-512 GB inserted into the Switch is ideal for game add-ons and DLC. A 512 GB card can hold over 100 average-sized games as a frame of reference.
  • External USB Drive: Using a compact external SSD or high speed flash drive can provide external storage for game data file transfers back and forth.
  • Cloud Storage: While the Switch does not directly interface with cloud drives, you can backup saved games this way externally by connecting to a PC, storing them there, and transferring back later.

No matter if buying physical or digital, investing in ample additional capacity via SD cards or external drives is advised to make the most of the Persona 3 Reload experience. Multiplayer, graphics packs, supplemental story – all that extra content will quickly eat up the baseline storage space.


Persona 3 Reload offers a definitive edition of one of gaming’s most acclaimed RPG series. As an expanded remake, the game’s download size and storage needs are comparable to top-tier franchises in this genre on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Users can expect a 12 GB initial application download plus substantial capacity later for addons.

Factoring in high-fidelity graphics, new content, and complex systems – plentiful storage via SD card or external drive is recommended to experience everything this rich expanded universe has to offer.

Whether it is your first time with the series or looking to rediscover Persona 3, make sure to carve out ample capacity to fully immerse in this epic high school meets supernatural dungeon crawler story.


Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about the file size for Persona 3 Reload:

What is the file size to download Persona 3 Reload from the Nintendo eShop?

The total file size to download Persona 3 Reload from the Nintendo eShop is 12.1 GB. The eShop listing also recommends having 29.5 GB of available space for additional data, so extra storage capacity is advised.

How much storage space does the physical edition of Persona 3 Reload take up?

The game card for the physical edition of Persona 3 Reload contains 16 GB for the core application. However, you will need extra space beyond that for game data files, save files, and any DLC expansions you choose to install. So total storage needs for the physical edition will likely surpass 16 GB.

What factors account for the large file size?

A few main factors contribute to the large 12+ GB file size: high-definition 1080p graphics, nearly 30 hours of added story content, upgraded lossless audio quality, expanded gameplay systems, and backwards compatibility mechanics from previous versions. All these enhancements drive increased storage requirements.

How does the file size compare to other popular RPG titles on Nintendo Switch?

Comparable story-driven Switch RPGs like The Witcher 3 (28 GB), Dragon Quest XI (32 GB), Skyrim (25.8 GB), and Xenoblade Chronicles (14.4 GB) show Persona 3 Reload’s install size to be reasonable for the amount of content. It is on the more compact side of this game category.

What are some storage solutions if space is limited on my Nintendo Switch?

If internal space is limited, good options are high capacity Micro SD cards (128 GB+), external USB drives for data file transfer, and cloud storage to backup saves that can transfer later back to the console. Investing in ample additional capacity is advised.