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How to Change Netflix Region With or Without a VPN

Have you ever gone to watch your favorite show on Netflix, only to get a disappointing "This title is not available in your region" message? If so, you‘ve experienced the frustration of Netflix‘s geo-blocking.

Fortunately, there are ways to access Netflix content from other countries by changing your virtual location. In this guide, I‘ll explain multiple methods so you can unlock Netflix libraries worldwide.

Why Does Netflix Geo-Block Content?

Netflix restricts content availability based on geographic licensing agreements. Essentially, Netflix has the rights to show certain titles only in particular regions or countries.

For example, a TV series produced in the UK may only allow Netflix UK to stream it. Trying to view that show from the United States or elsewhere would result in region blocking.

Benefits of Changing Netflix Region

Bypassing geo-restrictions gives you all kinds of advantages:

1. Access Thousands More Movies & Shows

Netflix USA alone has over 5,500 titles available. Compare that to just over 2,000 in Netflix Brazil or 1,200 in South Korea. Unblocking multiple regions gives you far more viewing options.

2. Watch New Releases Early

Content sometimes drops on Netflix up to several months earlier in certain countries. Be first to check out that hot new show or movie everyone’s talking about!

3. Improve Foreign Language Skills

Try setting your Netflix region to France, Germany, Japan or elsewhere to immerse yourself in films and series in that language. It‘s an enjoyable way to learn vocabulary and pronunciation.

4. Still Access Your Library Abroad

Nothing‘s worse than traveling to another country only to find much of your watchlist now unavailable. Quickly switching regions means you can still binge your favorite sitcom from the hotel room halfway across the globe.

Is it Legal to Change Netflix Regions?

Using technical workarounds to access Netflix content from other locations does technically violate their Terms of Service. The relevant section states:

"You may view Netflix content primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such content.”

Realistically though, Netflix has no reliable way to distinguish region-changing users from those legitimately traveling or relocating. Millions unblock other Netflix libraries daily with little consequence beyond the occasional blacklisted IP address.

Just keep your viewing activity reasonable and avoid sharing logins widely. As long as you’re still paying for your Netflix subscription, you should feel comfortable accessibly content between regions.

Method 1: Use a VPN

A VPN, or virtual private network, is the preferred option to alter territories on Netflix. Here‘s a quick 4-step tutorial:

1. Choose a Top VPN Provider

With hundreds of companies offering VPN services, it‘s crucial to select one optimized for streaming. My top recommendations with blazing speeds, reliable unblocking and easy-to-use apps are:

  • NordVPN – ideal mix of speed, security and server selection
  • ExpressVPN – extremely fast with helpful 24/7 live chat support
  • Surfshark – very affordable and allows unlimited devices

2. Install VPN App & Create Account

Download your chosen VPN provider‘s app on your device, be it Windows, Mac, iOS/Android or using a browser extension.

Register for an account and log in. Consider enabling added privacy features like "Kill Switch" which blocks internet access if the VPN connection drops.

3. Connect to Server in Desired Netflix Region

Browse servers by country within the VPN app interface. Want German Netflix? Choose a Germany location. Interested in South Korean and Japanese shows? Select servers in those areas.

You may notice servers specifically labeled for unblocking streaming sites like "Netflix USA." Connect to the fastest such option as they’re optimized to avoid detection.

4. Launch Netflix and Enjoy Geo-Unrestricted Content!

Once connected to a foreign VPN server, open Netflix in your browser or app. You should now see titles included just for that region with access fully unlocked!

Search for any show or movie limited to that country to confirm. For example look up a title exclusive to Netflix UK. If it plays, that confirms your VPN is working to change locations.

Method 2: Smart DNS Proxy

A Smart DNS proxy service works similarly to VPNs for Netflix region swapping yet only handles DNS requests rather than full internet traffic. Benefits include:

Faster speeds – Less strain on network means better HD streaming

Accessibility – Often works on restricted networks where VPNs get blocked

Simple setup – Change DNS settings easily on any device

The only downside is somewhat less privacy and security versus VPN encryption. But with a focus purely on streaming geo-blocks, Smart DNS presents an appealing alternative.

Popular providers to consider are Getflix and NordVPN‘s DNS service. Steps are much the same as VPN: register, select region, update device DNS to assigned servers.

Method 3: The Tor Browser

Part VPN, part proxy, Tor anonymizes web activity by encrypting and bouncing connections through a volunteer network of global servers. As your traffic emerges from random locations, Netflix naturally grants the associated regional library.


  • Totally free and legal way to change Netflix region
  • Added security and privacy


  • Very slow speeds impede streaming
  • No control over which country you appear from
  • Some blacklisted IP ranges

Tor works reasonably well for casual Netflix viewing. Just temper expectations around quality and reliability. Those wanting HD, steady region switching should utilize a paid VPN or Smart DNS instead.

Method 4: Free Browser Extensions & Proxy Sites

If short on cash, try using a free Chrome or Firefox browser extension that redirects Netflix traffic through proxy servers, making it seem like you‘re browsing from another location.

They function similar to VPN services only through external servers operated by unknown third parties. Risks like malware, log retention and data reselling are higher. Read reviews carefully and avoid fishy extensions with few users or no rating system.

There are also numerous free proxy websites like KProxy that apps and browsers can utilize to bypass regional blocks. Again, transparency and ethics may be questionable.

These free options work for casual Netflix hopping but often have connection limits around speed, streaming quality and accessibility. Paid services deliver superior performance and accountability.

Choosing the Best Region Changing Method

Which approach you select depends on several factors:

Streaming quality – VPNs and Smart DNS reliably provide HD 1080p uninterrupted Netflix viewing. Extensions and proxies struggle here.

Changing locations – VPNs offer most countries and city-level choices to pinpoint library access. Smart DNS good as well.

Device range – VPNs and Smart DNS easily configure across laptops, mobiles, smart TVs and gaming consoles. Extensions only work through their browser.

Privacy level – VPNs fully encrypt traffic for highest anonymization. Smart DNS also hides activity but no encryption.

Ease of setup – Browser extensions take seconds while VPN/DNS require apps and network tweaks.

Cost – VPN packages around $3-15 monthly for premium services. Smart DNS plans less at $2-5 per month. Extensions & proxies free or freemium.

For versatility, performance and security – VPNs come out on top. If seeking simpler DNS-based functionality focused purely on streaming sites, Smart DNS fills that role nicely.

Bonus Tips for Changing Netflix Regions

Beyond the main methods covered, a few extra tricks to switch countries:

Spoof GPS – Fake your phone‘s GPS coordinates using an app like Fake GPS Free to mimic anywhere on the map. Netflix mobile then mirrors that location. Reliability varies.

Router settings – Log into your WiFi router admin panel and you can typically set region there using DNS or other custom service protocols. Then all traffic appears foreign.

Firewall app – Applications like Firewall App for iOS enable country modifications at iOS‘s network level for comprehensive effect across apps.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to licensing limitations, Netflix content differs drastically across borders. But as you now know, technical workarounds grant easy access to huge global libraries without leaving your couch.

While Netflix publicly frowns on region hopping, individual users have little cause for concern. Just be responsible in your viewing behavior.

Unlock your preferred Netflix territories instantly through VPNs, Smart DNS and other handy tools outlined here. Enjoy exponentially more shows and movies today!