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How to Download TEMU App on Android? [2024]

TEMU is a fast-growing e-commerce marketplace app that allows users to shop from wholesalers and manufacturers directly at extremely affordable rates. Launched in 2022, it has quickly become one of the most popular shopping apps, with over 25 million downloads globally.

TEMU provides a wide variety of products across categories like electronics, fashion, home & kitchen, beauty, toys, automotive accessories and more. It sources goods directly from manufacturers and passes on the cost savings to consumers.

Some key benefits of shopping on TEMU include:

  • Ultra-low prices: Savings of up to 80% compared to Amazon and other sites
  • Wide selection: Over 20 million stock-keeping units (SKUs) across 500+ categories
  • Free shipping: No minimum order value threshold for free shipping
  • Easy returns: Full refunds if product received is damaged/not as described

The TEMU app provides an easy way to access these wholesale prices directly from your Android device. Read on to learn how to download and start using TEMU.

Steps to Download TEMU App on Android

Downloading and installing the TEMU shopping app on your Android phone or tablet is quick and simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Enable Install from Unknown Sources

Since TEMU app is not available on the Google Play Store, you need to enable installation of apps from unknown sources.

To do this:

  • Go to Settings > Security
  • Enable the option for “Install Apps from Unknown Sources”
  • Confirm by pressing OK on the prompt

This allows you to install apps directly using APK files, outside of the Play Store ecosystem.

2. Download TEMU APK

There are a few options to download the latest version of TEMU Android app APK file:

A) From TEMU Website

  • Go to the official TEMU website from your phone’s browser
  • Scroll down and click on “Android Application” button
  • This will trigger the APK download

B) From APK Download Sites

Alternatively, go to APK download sites like from your browser and search for “TEMU”. Download the latest version.

Ensure the site you’re downloading from is credible and securely delivers verified APKs.

3. Install the TEMU APK

Once the APK file is downloaded, you’ll find it in your phone’s default “Downloads” folder.

  • Tap on the TEMU APK file
  • Select “Install” in the package installer prompt
  • Accept the access permissions to initiate installing TEMU
  • Wait for a few seconds for the installation to complete

And that’s it! The TEMU app icon will appear on your apps menu indicating successful installation.

4. Register and Sign In

On opening the TEMU app for the first time:

  • Select your preferred language
  • Allow necessary permissions like storage access when prompted
  • Tap on “Agree & Continue” to accept TEMU’s User Service Agreement
  • You can register using your Email ID or directly through Google/Facebook account
  • Following registration, sign in with your credentials

Once signed in, you can start shopping on TEMU and avail deals not found anywhere else!

Key Features of TEMU Shopping App

Here are some of the major features that make TEMU a top shopping app among price-conscious consumers:

Ultra-Low Prices

As TEMU sources products directly from manufacturers, it is able to offer customers wholesale prices that are significantly lower compared to sites like Amazon or Walmart. You can easily save 50-90% shopping on TEMU.

$0 Free Delivery

TEMU offers free shipping with no minimum order value across United States. So you can place small orders without worrying about expensive shipping fees. Fast delivery in 2-5 days.

Wide Assortment

With over 15 million SKUs at launch and growing every day, TEMU stocks items across 500+ popular categories – from home, kitchen to electronics, automotive, toys, accessories and more.

Easy Search & Discovery

Intuitive categorization and excellent search helps you easily find products you’re looking for. Useful filters, tags and wishlists features further assist in smart discovery shopping.

Comparison with Amazon Prices

Every product shows cost comparison vs Amazon, so you instantly know the kind of savings on TEMU. Products average ~50-80% lower prices compared to Amazon.

Reviews & Ratings

Every product features ratings & reviews by TEMU users. This provides helpful first-hand feedback from buyers to assist you in making informed purchase decisions.

Smooth Checkout & Payments

TEMU offers an escrow-protected checkout system to provide a safe, trusted purchasing experience. Payments can be conveniently made via debit/credit cards, Apple/Google Pay.

Why Should You Use TEMU App?

Here are some of the key reasons why TEMU App is worth using over other online shopping sites/apps:

Unbeatable Wholesale Pricing

TEMU brings authentic wholesale prices directly to your phone, helping save big bucks – up to 80% savings guaranteed versus Amazon.

High Quality Products

Sourced carefully from inspected suppliers & manufacturers across the globe, TEMU products meet rigorous quality standards – verified directly by warehouse teams.

Free & Fast Delivery

Enjoy free shipping to your doorstep with quick 2-5 days delivery timelines for all orders. No fine print, no minimum order sizes for free shipping.

User-Friendly Mobile App

Smooth, convenient interface allows browsing millions of products on-the-go, manage orders, access discounts and avail customer support easily via chat.

Security & Trust

TEMU shopping ecosystem ensures verified suppliers, multiple checks on product quality, secured payments via escrow protection and full refund guarantee.

Unparalleled Value

Dollar for dollar, TEMU provides greatest value across categories from grocery, electronics to home goods – highly affordable prices + free shipping and returns!

Exploring the TEMU App Interface

Here is a brief overview of the intuitive TEMU app interface once you sign-in:

Home Page

The home page of the app features:

  • Search Bar: Easily search for products or browse categories of interest
  • Personalized Deals & Recommendations: Special offers and products picked based on your browsing history and interest
  • Top Categories to Explore: Trending and popular categories like gadgets, clothing, accessories for quickly tapping into
  • Trending Products Showcase: Discover latest hot-selling products on TEMU across various categories

The minimal yet data-packed UI makes browsing products convenient.

Bottom Menu Links

The bottom menu bar in the app provides quick links to following sections:

  • Store: Browse, discover and search all products
  • Orders: Track status of your orders placed
  • Messages: Communicate with sellers, raise support tickets
  • My Account: Manage profile, personalized offers, wishlists, shipping address etc.
  • Carts: Quick access saved shopping cart and placed orders

So those are the key aspects of TEMU app interface on Android facilitating easy mobile commerce. From on-the-go browsing to swift checkout and order tracking – it aims to provide ultimate user experience.

Uninstalling the TEMU App

You may want to remove TEMU app from your Android phone if you need to free up storage space, no longer use the app frequently or have issues with app crashing/misbehaving.

To uninstall TEMU:

1. Open Settings > Apps

Go into Apps settings to see all installed applications on your device

2. Select TEMU App

Scroll and tap on TEMU app entry

3. Tap Uninstall

Press the Uninstall button to remove the app

4. Confirm Uninstallation

Tap OK on the prompt asking “Do you want to uninstall this app?”.

This will immediately uninstall TEMU app from your Android phone or tablet. The app size will be freed up and no data will be retained.

And you’re all set! This is how TEMU app can be completely removed when required. You can always reinstall it from Play Store or by downloading APK file.

Troubleshooting TEMU App Issues

However, if you face any issues while installing or operating the TEMU app – here are some quick troubleshooting tips:

Installation Issues

If TEMU app install gets stuck midway or crashes unexpectedly, try below options:

  • Restart device & retry app install
  • Clear cache & install fresh copy of latest TEMU APK
  • Check for software/OS version compatibility

Failures

In case of problems signing in:

  • Ensure account credentials entered are accurate
  • Retry sign in after checking internet connectivity
  • Try resetting account password

App Crashing

Here are some additional troubleshooting tips for TEMU app issues:

  • Check if the latest version of app is installed. Update to newest version.
  • Clear cache and data for TEMU app via phone settings. Then re-open.
  • Test by disabling background data and battery optimization for TEMU app
  • Free up storage space on phone and close other resource-intensive apps
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling fresh copy of TEMU as last resort

Payment Failures

In case payments via TEMU app fail repeatedly:

  • Verify debit/credit card validity and check limits
  • Retry payment after some time or use alternate card
  • Contact bank in case of suspected bank-side transaction blockade
  • Check for internet connectivity errors disrupting payment

Missing Order Updates

If orders don’t update with shipping/delivery data:

  • Check notifications settings for TEMU app on your phone
  • Manually refresh Orders section to sync latest details
  • Contact TEMU support providing order details for status
  • Wait 24 hours as tracking systems may have slight lag

Customer Support

To contact TEMU Customer Support for any persistent app issues:

  • Go to Profile > Help & Support in TEMU app
  • Start chat with automated bot or customer representative
  • Call TEMU support phone number listed on website
  • Email TEMU customer service team via Contact Us form

So in summary, reinstallation, updates, clearing app data/cache, freeing up resources and contacting developer help resolve a majority of stubborn app problems faced.


TEMU has quickly emerged as one of the most popular ecommerce apps thanks to its uncompromising prices, free shipping, extensive catalog and smooth mobile UI. Downloading the app on your Android device is easy by enabling external app installations and installing the TEMU APK available on its website or APK download stores.

Once installed, you can register and explore deals across 500+ product categories, aided by useful features like price comparisons, reviews and personalized recommendations.

For any troubleshooting app issues during setup or usage, steps like updating software, clearing app data/cache, troubleshooting payments and reaching out to customer support can be useful. Overall, TEMU app aims to bring a top-notch mobile commerce experience right to your fingertips at rock bottom prices.

So download TEMU today and start saving big on everything – from trending gadgets to daily essentials and home products. The wholesale prices accessible directly through your phone make shopping an exciting and money-saving affair!


Here are some commonly asked FAQs about downloading and using the TEMU shopping app:

Is TEMU app safe to use?

Yes. TEMU uses encryption for data protection in transit and at rest. It also employs stringent quality checks on suppliers and secures payments via escrow. The app is trusted by over 25 million users globally.

How much storage space does TEMU app take?

TEMU Android app size is typically 75-100 MB depending on version. Ensure you have at least 200MB free space before installing it.

Can I shop on TEMU App without creating an account?

No, you need to register with email, Google or Facebook to shop on TEMU. Account creation enables personalized deals, order tracking and more benefits.

Does TEMU have a return policy?

Yes, products can be returned in new condition within 30 days of delivery. Refunds are processed once returns reach local warehouse.

Why are TEMU prices so low?

As a direct-to-consumer platform, TEMu connects shoppers with manufacturers removing middlemen markup leading to extreme affordability.