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How to Download TEMU App on iOS? [2024]

How to Download TEMU App on iOS? TEMU is a fast-emerging mobile shopping app that allows you to buy directly from manufacturers and wholesalers at rock-bottom prices. Launched in 2022, it has been downloaded over 25 million times worldwide.

The TEMU marketplace stocks over 15 million products from top suppliers across 500+ categories. From latest gadgets, fashion and accessories to home improvement, automotive and hobby items – TEMU aims to be the go-to app for discounted deals.

Key reasons to use TEMU for iOS shopping:

  • Prices up to 90% lower than Amazon, Walmart
  • Free shipping with no minimum cart value
  • Massive catalogue across every category
  • Smooth mobile shopping experience
  • Secure payments & guaranteed refunds

Here’s a detailed guide on how to download and install the TEMU app on your iPhone or iPad to access these never-before savings.

Steps to Download TEMU iOS App

Follow these simple instructions to get TEMU iOS app on your Apple device:

1. Access TEMU Website on Safari

  • Open Safari web browser on your iPhone/iPad
  • Visit the official TEMU website:

2. Tap on “Download” Button

  • Scroll down and tap on the “Download on the App Store” button
  • This should redirect you automatically to the TEMU app page on App Store

(If auto-redirect doesn’t work, open App Store independently and search for “TEMU”.)

3. Install TEMU iOS App

On App Store page for TEMU:

  • Tap on “Get” button followed by “Install”
  • Enter Apple ID password if prompted
  • Wait for the app installation to complete
  • You will see the TEMU app icon on your home screen when ready

The app size is around 100 MB. Make space if you get a “Not Enough Storage Available” error.

And that’s it! Just 3 simple steps to get TEMU downloaded on your iPhone or iPad.

4. Register and Sign In

Launch the TEMU app from the home screen icon. On first access:

  • Choose language preference
  • Enable push notification access when asked
  • Accept TEMU’s Terms of Service
  • Sign up with your Email ID or connect with Google/Facebook
  • Log in to start accessing amazing lightning deals!

Key Features of TEMU iOS App

Let’s look at some of the major features offered by TEMU shopping app:

Rock Bottom Prices

TEMU prices can be over 90% lower than Amazon or Walmart for same products sourced direct from manufacturers, minus retailer markup.

Free Express Shipping

Enjoy free next-day to 3-day shipping on all orders for swift delivery, without any minimum order size rules. Geographic restrictions may apply.

User-Friendly Mobile App

Smooth, fast interface allowing easy category/product browsing, filters for drill-downs, haul videos & more shopping assistance on iOS.

Price Comparison Against Amazon

Every listing has a comparison chart vs. Amazon price so you instantly know real-time savings unlocked by TEMU.

Community Reviews & Ratings

Make informed buys seeing product ratings & community reviews aggregated from TEMU users who already purchased the items.

Secure Escrow Payments

TEMU utilizes secure encryption and escrow systems to ensure your payment details safety and transaction protection for iOS payments via Apple Pay.

Benefits of Downloading TEMU App

Apart from crazy discounts and free shipping, some great advantages of having the TEMU shopping app:

Access Latest Deals On-the-Go

Avail new discounts instantly instead of waiting to go home. App-only flash sales!

Price Comparison Across Stores

Who has the best price for your desired product? Compare pricing from Walmart, eBay, Amazon etc. before you buy.

Smooth Checkout & Payments

Checkout made easy with Apple Pay. Tap to fill saved addresses & payment methods during purchases.

Instant Customer Support

Have queries? Start a quick chat with TEMU’s support for assistance right from the app. Much faster issue resolution.

Easy Order Tracking

Track real-time order status and delivery updates from the convenience of the iOS app instead of emails.

So in a nutshell – tidal wave of mobile-exclusive discounts + faster transacting & support = win-win for shoppers!

Exploring the App Interface

Here is a brief walkthrough of the TEMU app’s intuitive interface after installing & signing up via iOS:

Home Page

The home page features:

  • Search Bar: Type to find products or tap mic to voice search items
  • Personalized Deals Feed: Swipe to see offers curated as per your interests & cart
  • Top Categories: Popular categories like gadgets, fashion, household, beauty and more
  • Trending Products: Latest weekly bestsellers and hot deals on TEMU store

Bottom Menu Links

Navigate quickly between top sections using bottom menu:

  • Store – Browse products
  • Orders – Track deliveries
  • Messages – Connect with support staffers
  • My Account – Manage profile, rewards, Wishlists & more
  • Cart – View cart & past orders

The easy discoverability and navigation makes app shopping convenient.

Uninstalling TEMU iOS App

Need to remove TEMU app from your iPhone or iPad? Just:

1. Locate TEMU App Icon

Press & hold the TEMU icon on home screen until it starts shaking.

2. Tap X Icon

The cross icon that appears allows you to delete the app. Tap it.

3. Confirm Deletion

Press the Delete button in the pop-up to permanently remove the TEMU app.

And that’s it! The app will be uninstalled from your iOS device immediately freeing up storage space.

Troubleshooting App Issues

Facing any problems downloading, installing or running TEMU on iPhone/iPad? Here are some quick fixes:

Installation Failure

If you get an error while installing TEMU from App Store:

  • Retry after checking internet connectivity
  • Restart device & re-initiate app install
  • Change Apple ID if specific ID is blocked
  • Ensure iOS software is updated

App Crashing

In case TEMU crashes often or freezes/lags during use:

  • Force close app and restart device
  • Update to latest version of TEMU app
  • Free up storage space on device
  • Reset app permissions & data from Settings

Payment Errors

If payments fail repeatedly when shopping on TEMU:

  • Check Apple Pay card validity & limits
  • Contact bank in case of restrictions
  • Ensure uninterrupted internet access
  • Retry payment later or change payment method

Account Sign-In Issues

If you encounter problems signing in:

  • Reset account password
  • Ensure you enter correct credentials
  • Check for connectivity errors
  • Contact TEMU support if issues persist

So in most cases – updating software, resetting app permissions, retrying actions helps overcome technical issues faced.

Customer Support

For any persistent problems, you can contact TEMU Customer Support directly:

In-App Chat

Launch app > Tap My Account > Help & Support to start chat


Email your query to [email protected]


Talk to TEMu support team by calling at +1 (888) 902 7218 during working hours.

This way 24×7 assistance from TEMU’s customer service team is available to troubleshoot any download/usage issues on iOS devices.


I hope this detailed guide covered everything you need to know about install the TEMU shopping app on iPhone/iPad and avail rock bottom, direct-to-consumer prices across categories.

The app tries its best to deliver amazing mobile commerce experience via iOS through features like smooth navigation, personalized deals, price comparisons, community reviews and seamless checkout among others.

Downloading is fairly simple by tapping through App Store guided flow. Registration opens avenues for lightning fast support. And you always have the option to uninstall at any time.

So go ahead, take advantage of up to 90% savings unlocked exclusively via TEMU iOS app across million products – from trending electronics to fashion staple or home essentials & more. Happy bargain hunting!


Here are some commonly asked FAQs about downloading and using the TEMU shopping app on iOS:

Is TEMU iOS app secure?

Yes, TEMU uses end-to-end encryption for securing payment information and other user data in transit and storage.

How much space does TEMU take on iPhone/iPad?

The TEMU shopping app typically takes up around 100 – 150 MB space on iOS devices.

Does TEMU work on older iOS versions?

TEMU app requires iOS 13.0 or later to run smoothly. Upgrade old iOS version if facing app crashes.

Why is TEMU not installing on my iOS device?

Common installation errors relate to storage space shortage, Apple ID issues or software compatibility glitch. Address actual cause accordingly.

How do I pay on TEMU using iPhone?

TEMU allows secure iOS payments via Apple Pay. Add your cards once to breeze through fast checkouts.

Can I use TEMU on cellular data?

Yes, TEMU works seamlessly on both Wifi and cellular data. Shop on-the-go without waiting for connectivity.

Does TEMU offer price matching?

Yes, if you find the exact same product priced lower elsewhere, contact Temu support within 5 days of delivery providing proof.