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How to Download the FF7 Rebirth Demo?

How to Download the FF7 Rebirth Demo? FF7 Rebirth, the highly anticipated sequel to 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, has a free demo available exclusively for PlayStation 5. This demo provides over an hour of gameplay content for fans eager to experience what the full game has to offer when it releases in February 2024. Downloading the demo only takes a few simple steps.

Overview of the FF7 Rebirth Demo

The FF7 Rebirth demo offers players the chance to play through the opening segment of the full game. It’s set in the aftermath of the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake and follows main protagonist Cloud Strife as he continues his pursuit of his nemesis Sephiroth.

Location-wise, the demo takes place primarily in the forest village of Kalm and focuses on narrative and world building more so than combat. Still, it provides a solid tease of the gameplay enhancements and visual polish that Square Enix has implemented for this sequel. Playing through the demo is highly recommended for any Final Fantasy fan.

PlayStation Store Access Required

Since it is a PlayStation 5 exclusive, the only way to download the FF7 Rebirth demo is directly through the PlayStation Store on your console. You must own a PS5 in order to play this demo.

The full game will also release as a timed PlayStation exclusive in February 2024 before coming to PC months later. So PlayStation definitely remains the best platform for FF7 fans.

File Size and Download Time

The FF7 Rebirth demo is a sizable 48 GB file that may take a while to fully download depending on your internet connection speeds. With high-speed fiber broadband, expect around 3-4 hours. Slower DSL connections could take 8 hours or more.

Make sure you have enough free storage space on your PS5 before downloading. Also note that background downloads and auto-updates will be paused when playing the demo.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download FF7 Rebirth Demo

Here is a quick guide for finding and downloading the demo directly through your PS5 digital storefront:

  1. Turn on your PlayStation 5 and launch the PlayStation Store either from the home screen or the menu bar.
  2. Navigate to the FF7 Rebirth store page. The easiest method is checking the “What’s Hot” or new releases section since it is featured prominently there.
  3. On the game page, scroll down until you see the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo tile alongside the Deluxe and Standard edition listings. Select the demo.
  4. With the Demo page open showing the file size, select the prominent blue Download button to queue up the demo.
  5. Be patient and wait for the large 48 GB file to fully download before attempting to launch the demo. Download times will vary.
  6. Once downloaded, you can launch the demo from your PlayStation home screen or library. Enjoy!

What FF7 Rebirth Demo Offers

The content of the FF7 Rebirth demo focuses mainly on progressing the story by introducing the next phase of Cloud & company’s journey in their pursuit of Sephiroth. It features lots of narrative and world building to set the stage for events to come. There is some combat as well, but not as much as the main game.

Key demo highlights include:

  • Over an hour of opening gameplay content
  • Introduction of Kalm and Mythril Mines locations
  • Cutscenes furthering Cloud’s backstory
  • Early combat showcasing new abilities
  • Sneak peek at updated graphics and cinematic presentation

And that covers everything you need to know about downloading the free FF7 Rebirth demo for PS5! It provides an exciting tease for FF7 fans leading into the game’s full release next February.

Demo Progress Carries Over

Excitingly, any progress made in the FF7 Rebirth demo does carry over to the full game. This means items, levels, and certain decisions persist into your main save file. So time spent with the demo is not wasted.

Square Enix implemented demo save transferal to reward fans for trying out early content. It also provides more incentive to replay the demo multiple times, experimenting with different choices to see the consequences reflected in your main game save.

Early Access to Hard Mode

Downloading and playing the demo also unlocks the Hard Mode difficulty option early for the full FF7 Rebirth game. Upon Rebirth’s release in February 2024, anyone with previous demo save data can select Hard Mode immediately rather than having to complete the story first on Normal.

Hard Mode amps up enemy stats and damage output, preventing easy over leveling. AP and item drops are reduced as well. If you desire more of a challenge, be sure to play the demo ahead of launch.


Although fairly short, the Rebirth demo offers solid replay value for those who want to experience all of its narrative branches. Key decisions toward the end of the demo content involving Cloud’s backstory memories produce varied cutscenes and dialogue.

Trying all the dialogue options adds more context about Cloud’s past as an elite Shinra soldier and the origins of Sephiroth. The demo has enough variations to warrant a couple of playthroughs.


The free FF7 Rebirth demo delivers an exciting sneak peek into the highly anticipated sequel arriving in February 2024. With its beautiful visuals, polished combat, and tantalizing story beats, the demo showcases the memorable adventure fans can expect from the full game.

Downloading the demo is strongly recommended for any PlayStation owner eager to jump back into the rich world of Final Fantasy VII. And thanks to save data transferal, any progress made carries right over to the main experience.

At over 48 GB, be sure to have ample bandwidth and hard drive space before getting the demo. Once downloaded from the PlayStation Store, players can enjoy over an hour of iconic characters, locales, and gameplay straight from the opening act of FF7 Rebirth.

And the demo content only covers a fraction of what the full sequel contains. Along with continuing Cloud’s emotional journey, Rebirth will take players to wondrous new areas like the sunny Costa del Sol, treacherous Mount Corel peaks, and the quaint farm village of Mideel. More epic Summon battles, heart-pounding motorcycle chases, and impactful story twists await as well.

So if the free demo leaves you wanting more, mark February 29, 2024 on your calendar for the launch of the full game. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth shapes up to fulfill the sky-high expectations of RPG enthusiasts – and serve as the continuation of one of gaming’s most treasured sagas. This demo paves an exciting path forward.

FAQs Related to FF7 Rebirth Demo

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo with answers:

How big is the demo file size?

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo is a large 48 GB download. Make sure you have enough free space on your PlayStation 5.

Do I need PlayStation Plus to download FF7 Rebirth Demo?

No, a PS Plus subscription is not required to download or play the demo.

What part of the game is the demo from?

The demo covers the opening segment of FF7 Rebirth, including story beats in Kalm village and Mythril Mines.

When does the full FF7 Rebirth release?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches February 29, 2024 on PlayStation 5, coming later to PC.