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How To Get Ancient Civilization Parts In Palworld? [2024]

How To Get Ancient Civilization Parts In Palworld? Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer action-adventure survival game developed by Pocket Pair. In the game, players explore islands inhabited by mysterious creatures called Pals. Pals can be captured and bred to have them help with building, crafting, exploring, and fighting.

Ancient Civilization Parts are rare crafting materials that players can use to build powerful weapons, tools, structures, and machines. Getting your hands on Ancient Civilization Parts allows you to progress faster in Palworld by giving you an edge over the environment and hostile Pals.

Where to Find Ancient Civilization Parts

There are three main methods to obtain Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld:

Defeating Dungeon Bosses

Palworld features procedural generated dungeons called Ancient Ruins. These dungeons have multiple floors and are inhabited by hostile Pals and mysterious mechanisms. At the final floor of every Ancient Ruin, you will find a powerful Pal boss guarding a treasure room.

Defeating the dungeon boss will provide you with a variety of loot including weapons, resources, and most importantly, Ancient Civilization Parts. The rarity and quantity of parts you get depends on the difficulty of the dungeon. Taking on harder dungeons in Palworld will reward you with more valuable parts.

Hunting Alpha Pals

Alpha Pals are special varieties of standard Pals in Palworld. They are much stronger, larger, and hostile compared to their normal counterparts. Alpha Pals are marked with a crown icon over their head and will attack you on sight.

Defeating Alpha Pals gives you a small chance of them dropping Ancient Civilization Parts upon death. Since they are powerful enemies, it is recommended to have good weapons and healing items before engaging Alpha Pals. The higher level the Alpha Pal, the better the parts you can salvage from them in Palworld.

Capturing and Breeding Lucky Pals

Lucky Pals are another unique variety of Pals in Palworld. True to their name, these special Pals have a random chance of providing you with resources and items every few minutes. This includes the possibility of Lucky Pals finding Ancient Civilization Parts for you over time.

The chance of getting parts from Lucky Pals increases the higher their luck stat is. You can capture Lucky Pals in the wild and breed them to produce even luckier offspring. Having high luck Pals in your base, ranch or Pal-cuzzi will slowly generate Ancient Civilization Parts passively as you play Palworld.

Uses of Ancient Civilization Parts

Now that you know how to acquire Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld, here are some of the important uses of these rare crafting ingredients:

Crafting Powerful Weapons

You can use Ancient Civilization Parts at a Weapon Part Workshop to craft devastating firearms, explosives and melee weapons.

This includes rifles, machine guns, missiles, grenades and electrified Pal-tools that can help you defend your base and capture entire Pal herds.

Building Advanced Machines

Ancient Civilization Parts allow you to construct high-tech farming machinery, automated extractors, generators and lab equipment that are otherwise unavailable.

These machines require parts to build and allow you automate resource gathering and item crafting vastly improving your base productivity.

Upgrading Your Shelter

Using Ancient Civilization Parts, you can upgrade from a basic shelter to a formidable fortress.

Parts unlock buildable security systems, traps, steel walls/doors and concealed gun turrets capable of withstanding Pal siege attacks on your base.

Crafting Transportation

Ancient Civilization Parts give you access to boats, helicopters and powerful exoskeleton mech suits.

Aquatic and flying vehicles help traverse Palworld faster while mechs allow you wield heavier weapons and safely explore irradiated zones.

Unlocking Decorations

These rare parts open futuristic-themed decoration options including holograms, CGI-windows, anti-gravity orbs and laser lighting for customizing your shelter aesthetics in Palworld.

Tips and Strategies

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when hunting for Ancient Civilization Parts in the world of Palworld:

  • Complete Ancient Ruins starting from the lowest difficulty rating and slowly progress to take on tougher dungeon challenges.
  • Keep an eye out for Alpha Pals during your travels and prepare properly before engaging them in tactical battles.
  • Capture many Lucky Pals and select for high luck stats when breeding them to maximize your passive part generation.
  • Store any duplicate parts you find to either sell them for money or combine lower quality parts into better rarer quality ones.
  • Equip the Pal Archaeologist skill to Pals assigned to excavation sites for a boosted chance of them discovering buried Ancient Civilization Parts.


Getting your hands on the powerful Ancient Civilization Parts can greatly speed up your adventure in Palworld. Use the techniques outlined in this guide defeat dungeons bosses, hunt special Pals and optimize your breeding to amass these rare crafting ingredients.

The advanced equipment and base upgrades unlocked through Ancient Civilization Parts offer a huge advantage as you build your empire and unravel the secrets behind Palworld!


What are Ancient Civilization Parts?

Ancient Civilization Parts are rare crafting materials in Palworld that allow you to build powerful weapons, machines, upgrades and decorations. They provide major boosts to your combat abilities, base productivity, defenses and aesthetics.

Where can I find Ancient Ruins to defeat dungeon bosses?

Ancient Ruins containing bosses that drop Ancient Civilization Parts can be found scattered randomly across most islands in Palworld. They appear as stone brick structures covered in vines with torch-lit staircases leading underground.

How do I capture Lucky Pals?

Lucky Pals spawn randomly in Palworld. Use non-lethal weapons and capture tools such as the Electric Prod or Net Gun to safely subdue Lucky Pals and bring them to your ranch or base. Provide them with adequate care and breeding to maximize resource generation.

Do higher quality Ancient Parts exist?

Yes, Ancient Civilization Parts have varying quality grades including Broken, Damaged, Weathered, Normal, Refined and Engraved. The higher the quality, the better properties parts have when crafting recipes. Lower quality parts can be combined to create better ones.

Can I sell my extra Ancient Civilization Parts?

You can sell any excess Ancient Civilization Parts you find to many General Stores and Special Parts traders scattered around major settlements and outposts in Palworld for money to spend on other resources. However, it is recommended you save at least some parts for your own base and Pal progress.

How dangerous is hunting Alpha Pals for parts?

Alpha Pals can be incredibly dangerous with high damage and health. Come prepared with plenty of healing items, your strongest weapons and armor outfitting. Lay traps, utilize stealth or gang up with multiple Pals under your command to defeat Alphas with fewer risks.

Do automatic extractor machines produce Ancient Parts?

No, basic resource extractors only gather common wood, stone, minerals, ores etc. over time. You will need to place special types of automated Ancient Excavator machines unlocked via Ancient Civilization Parts to passively find additional parts for you.

Can I get Ancient Civilization Parts without fighting?

Yes, though at a slower rate. Having high luck Pals at your base can automatically find parts for you to collect every few minutes. Trading, treasure hunting and occasionally assisting Pal tribes may also reward you with a few parts over time.