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How To Get Credit For Leaving Reviews On TEMU? [2024]

TEMU is a fast-growing e-commerce marketplace launched in 2022 that connects buyers and sellers. It aims to provide good quality products at extremely affordable prices to customers.

The platform has gained significant popularity in a short span of time owing to its low-cost products across categories like fashion, beauty, home & garden, electronics etc. As of 2024, TEMU has over 5 million active buyers and sells over 10 million products on its website and app.

Why You Should Leave Reviews on TEMU

Leaving honest and detailed reviews on TEMU items you have purchased provides value to both the marketplace and your fellow buyers in multiple ways:

Helps Other Buyers Make Informed Decisions

Your reviews give potential buyers more insights that help them make purchasing decisions. The details you provide about product quality, size, material etc. along with pros and cons, images and ratings assist buyers researching a product.

Helps Improve Overall Customer Experience

Your feedback enables TEMU to analyze issues raised by buyers and work with sellers to improve product quality and buyer experience over time. More reviews lead to more data for analysis.

Earns You TEMU Credit

TEMU encourages user-generated content through its incentive program. When you write product reviews, you earn TEMU Credit redeemable on future purchases. More detailed reviews receive higher credit.

So contributing reviews is a win-win – buyers get trusted insights from real users and you earn store credit for future shopping.

Types of Product Reviews You Can Share

To get maximum savings via TEMU Credit, aim for writing high quality, in-depth reviews with photos/videos whenever possible. Here are some types of product reviews that buyers find most helpful:

Detailed Text Review

Provide your objective thoughts and detailed feedback on all aspects of the product – quality, design, fit, packing etc. Share pros and cons based on your expectations vs actual experience after unboxing and trying/using it.

Photo Reviews

They say an image speaks a thousand words! Product photos from real customers provide authentic perspective on colors, design details, fit/sizing, fabric texture etc.

Video Reviews

Short videos are an impactful way to showcase product benefits and demonstrate real user experience. Consider quickly capturing your reactions right after opening the product package.

No matter which format you select, ensure your review has ample details about the product itself and your post-purchase experience to guide fellow buyers.

How To Write Helpful TEMU Reviews

Follow these tips to create TEMU reviews that actually help other shoppers make better purchase judgement:

Review Accurately & Honestly

Present a fair and factual perspective in your review. Do not exaggerate or hide any flaws just because you got the product for free/discount. Review honestly just as you would after buying a product.

Highlight Noteworthy Features

Describe what you liked or did not like about the product. Mention key specifications like material/fabric quality, design attributes, technology used if any etc. Appreciate seller if product exceeded expectations.

Compare With Claims By Seller/Brand

Contrast the actual product quality, appearance and performance with how the seller/brand showcased it in TEMU listing. Capture any drastic differences.

Share Images & Videos

They enable shoppers to inspect a product in detail before buying. Capture its visual/functional aspects via photos, videos and screen recordings wherever suitable.

Disclose Deal Availablity

If you received the product free/discounted to review, mention that clearly along with applicable deal terms for transparency.

Use An Easy-To-Read Format

Break down your review into logical sections. Use bullet points and captions for visual separation between feedback on different attributes.

Proofread Before Publishing

Double check the review to fix any errors or inconsistencies in details about the product or your ratings/opinions shared across sections.

Where To Post Your TEMU Reviews

TEMU provides a review section below all product listings where buyers can read and write reviews. You can submit your review in 3 ways:

TEMU Website

Visit TEMU site, search for the relevant product → Scroll to “Ratings & Reviews” section → Click “Write a Review” → Select rating, add title and detailed feedback → Publish!

TEMU Mobile App

Open TEMU app → Tap profile icon → My Orders → Tap order containing reviewed item → Select “Write Review” at bottom → Add photos, title and feedback → Submit!

Seller Review Form

Sometimes TEMU sellers send a product review request form after delivery. You can directly submit your review by filling details in that customizable form as well.

So make sure to utilize all these options to publish your helpful first-hand reviews for every TEMU product you shop for.

How To Earn TEMU Credit By Writing Reviews

Now comes the best part – getting rewarded store credit for contributing your e-commerce wisdom to the TEMU marketplace!

TEMU Credit Rules

The platform offers following incentives when you publish qualifying product reviews:

  • $3 Store Credit – For Written Review
  • $3 Additional Credit – For Adding Images
  • $3 Additional Credit – For Adding Videos

So you can earn upto $9 TEMU Credit per review. Note that each product ordered entitles you to publish only 1 review from 1 account to be eligible for credit.

TEMU Credit Policies

There are certain policies applicable on earning and using credits:

  • Credits have no cash redemption/exchange value
  • Valid only for select TEMU marketplace purchases
  • Expire in 365 days after earning if unused
  • Cannot club with other coupons/promotions

So utilize credits earned before they lapse!

How To Get Credited

Here are the steps to receive your TEMU Credit amount after posting helpful reviews:

  • Submit Official Review: Publish on TEMU website/app including content guidelines
  • Wait 14 Days: Time required to check review meets policies
  • Credit Approval: You will get an approval email if credit is awarded
  • View Balance: Amount reflects in TEMU wallet within 72 hours
  • Redeem on Next Order: Shop on TEMU store and apply credits during checkout!

Be sure to provide your current registered email ID while publishing reviews for smooth credit processing.

Maximize Your Savings Via TEMU Reviews

With these expert tips, you can optimize your reviewing effort to extract maximum discounts on future TEMU purchases:

Maintain Review Quality

Well-constructed, thoughtful reviews get awarded full credit amount as per content value guidelines. Low quality/brief reviews may get rejected.

Review Recently Bought Items

Credits need to be used within 1 year else they expire. So review products that you have purchased more recently from TEMU.

Compare Prices Before Buying Items To Review

If you plan to buy TEMU stuff mainly to evaluate in exchange for credit, compare prices across listings first. Prioritize categories with highest markups like beauty, fashion or electronics to maximize subsequent discount value.

Purchase Top-Selling Products

Review hot-selling items and daily use products that tend to have lots of buyer interest and questions. Your review will provide more value.

Use Credits To Buy High Ticket Items

Use credits earned on reviews to get big discounts on expensive items like laptops, smartphones, jewelry etc. This strategy gives more savings.

The more reviews you publish, the larger your TEMU credit balance gets! So do your wallet a favor – be an active reviewer. Share your authentic experiences to save on future online shopping!


Here are some frequently asked questions about getting credit for leaving reviews on TEMU:

What is TEMU?

TEMU is a fast-growing e-commerce marketplace that offers good quality products at affordable prices. It incentivizes buyers to write product reviews by providing TEMU store credit.

What do I get for writing a review on TEMU?

You can earn up to $9 in TEMU credit per review – $3 for written review, $3 for adding images and $3 for adding videos.

What kind of reviews can I write?

You can write detailed text reviews, visual reviews with product photos and videos showcasing product usage and your feedback. Ensure your review provides ample details to guide buyers.

Where do I post my TEMU reviews?

You can publish your review on the TEMU website, mobile app or fill out seller review forms. Make sure to utilize all the review publishing options available.

How much time does it take to get the credit?

It takes 14 days after you publish for TEMU to review your content and check policy compliance. Store credit approval comes via email and reflects in your TEMU wallet within 72 hours.

Are there any conditions for getting credit?

Yes, each product ordered allows only 1 review per account. Reviews should meet content guidelines. Credits can’t be combined with other offers and expire in 365 days.

How can I maximize my savings from TEMU reviews?

Maintain review quality, compare prices, target top-selling items, review recent purchases, use credits for expensive items to get maximum savings.

Can I exchange TEMU credit for cash?

No, the credit has no cash redemption or exchange value. It can only be used to buy select products on TEMU’s marketplace.