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How To Get Unlimited SHEIN Points and Save Money? [2024]

How To Get Unlimited SHEIN Points and Save Money? SHEIN is one of the most popular online fast fashion retailers, offering trendy and affordable women’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and more. Like many retailers, SHEIN has a loyalty rewards program called SHEIN Points that allows customers to earn points on purchases which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders. With some tips and tricks, savvy SHEIN shoppers can maximize their points earnings to get the deepest discounts possible. This guide will provide actionable strategies to get unlimited SHEIN Points and save big money on your SHEIN purchases.

Sign Up for an Account:

The first step to start earning SHEIN Points is to sign up for a free SHEIN account if you don’t already have one. You’ll need an account to be able to redeem SHEIN Points at checkout. It only takes a minute to provide your email address and create a password to set up your account. Linking your account to your Facebook profile will earn you an extra 100 welcome points automatically.

Take Advantage of Welcome Offers:

Once your SHEIN account is set up, be sure to take advantage of any new member welcome offers or birthday month promotions. As a new SHEIN member, you may have an opportunity to earn bonus SHEIN Points just for signing up. Other new user incentives grant discounts off your first order. Then, during your birthday month each year, SHEIN typically provides tiered coupon codes based on how much you’ve historically spent at their store, offering up to 15% off. Stack these new customer deals and birthday perks with the SHEIN Points earning techniques in this guide to maximize savings.

Sign Up for Emails:

Easy SHEIN Points can be obtained whenever you sign up for their email newsletter or text message alerts. You’ll typically earn at least 50 bonus points just for providing your contact information and consenting to receive SHEIN promotions. Importantly, you’ll also gain early access to the latest SHEIN sales events, discount codes, and seasonal deals by signing up for emails or texts. Combining these special offer savings with your SHEIN Points at checkout results in the lowest prices.

Download & Review the SHEIN App:

Getting the SHEIN shopping app on your iOS or Android device allows you to earn 100 referral points. You’ll also gain the advantage of app-only discounts and flash sales that typically offer deeper price cuts on select items for a limited time. The SHEIN app also makes it easy to access and redeem your SHEIN Points balance at checkout with just a few screen taps. Enable app notifications to receive special discount alerts in real-time.

Share on Social Media:

An overlooked way to get a nice influx of SHEIN Points is by sharing SHEIN content or specific products from their store on your social media profiles. Posting SHEIN links, images, or hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more will generate referral points. You can easily share items while browsing the SHEIN site or app by clicking the social media share icons. Every friend who clicks your shared SHEIN links or makes a purchase from your posts will lead to more points added to your balance.

Write Reviews:

Taking a little time to write legitimate and thoughtful product reviews is handsomely rewarded by SHEIN with points for each one. Provide detailed descriptions of the item’s size, quality, appearance on your body type, and overall impression. Upload images showing yourself wearing the pieces to give other customers helpful visuals. The more reviews you write, the faster your SHEIN Points will increase. Try to include multiple paragraphs if possible rather than just a sentence or two so your review is published faster.

Participate in Surveys:

SHEIN frequently conducts site surveys with the incentive for survey participants earning points for their time and opinions. These surveys typically only take a few minutes to complete. Look out for site banners or emails prompting you to provide feedback through a SHEIN survey. The survey questions revolve around your shopping preferences, experiences with the SHEIN site/app, or opinions on potential future products. Cash in on these easy SHEIN Points simply by providing your thoughts.

Play Games & Watch Videos:

One of the most surprisingly lucrative ways to obtain SHEIN Points is by streaming branded video content or playing SHEIN shopping games on their app. Select the “Play & Win” section of the SHEIN app and you’ll find short SHEIN videos, interactive brand stories played out through video frames, and various spin-to-win games. Watching an entire SHEIN video can generate 200-400 points. Playing certain SHEIN games can result in jackpot wins of 1,000+ points! It’s an entertaining way to gather points quickly.

Participate in Community Discussions:

The SHEIN online community forums are another great place to pick up lots of free SHEIN Points rapidly. You can introduce yourself, comment your agreement or advice on other posts, create your own discussions about SHEIN products or online shopping experiences, post photos of previous SHEIN hauls, and more. Just getting involved in the SHEIN community conversations can result in 50-150 points routinely. If other members like and respond positively to your comments, you’ll gain even more points.

Wait for Bonus Point Events:

Be patient and keep an eye out for periodic special events that reward increased SHEIN Points. Occasional promotions will advertise “Spend X, Get X” doubling or even tripling the standard Points you’d normally earn based on your order value. SHEIN also boosts the Points you can gain from writing reviews, playing games, or community posts during certain seasonal sales like Black Friday and Valentine’s Day. Timing your SHEIN orders to align with these bonus point events ensures you’ll maximize savings.

Make Large Orders:

Ultimately, the largest SHEIN Points earnings will come from placing frequent sizable SHEIN orders. The more money you spend across the SHEIN catalog in a single order, the higher your points-per-dollar ratio will be. You can check the precise breakdown under “Points Info” which shows the tiered system of offering higher points rates based on higher order values. Combining large hauls with the bonus point events mentioned above is the key strategy to rapidly gaining redeemable SHEIN Points toward greater discounts on future purchases.

Redeem SHEIN Points at Checkout:

As your SHEIN Points balance grows through the earning activities described in this guide, be sure to redeem your points at checkout with each order by tapping the “Use Now” button on the final order confirmation screen. Just 100 SHEIN Points are worth a $1 discount off your cart subtotal. Let your points balance accumulate over time, checking back often to the Rewards hub within your account. Once you’ve saved up 2,000+ points, you’ll start seeing major dollars and cents come off your order totals.


Implementing this comprehensive collection of SHEIN Points hacking tips will have you earning and saving SHEIN Points like never before on every order. In no time at all, you’ll have earned enough points from sign-up bonuses, email lists, mobile app activity, social shares, reviews, surveys, videos, forums, and large hauls to qualify for dollar discounts on all your fast fashion purchases. Stay engaged with the SHEIN rewards program and community to maximize points so you can ultimately achieve unlimited savings over the long run.


Do SHEIN points expire?

Yes, SHEIN points expire one year after they are earned if there has been no account activity. So make sure to log into your account and use your points for discounts before they disappear.

Can I let my points accumulate without redeeming?

Absolutely. There is no obligation to use your SHEIN points right away. Let your balance continue to grow over many orders to build up to greater dollar discounts. Just remember to redeem them before the 1 year expiration.

Do I still earn points on orders where I redeem points?

Yes! This is what makes building up an unlimited balance easy. You’ll continue earning points on the money you do spend out of pocket even after discounting your order with your points.