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How to Play SHEIN Mini Game in Uk? [2024]

SHEIN is a popular online fast fashion retailer catering to a young, stylish demographic. Alongside its affordable and on-trend clothing ranges, SHEIN has a fun mini game that users can play to earn points and prizes.

The SHEIN mini game is essentially a claw machine style game where you maneuver a claw to try and pick up fashion-related prizes. It’s completely free to play and available right in the SHEIN shopping app. The game is open to SHEIN users in various countries, including the United Kingdom.

Downloading the SHEIN App:

To get started with the SHEIN mini game, first you’ll need to download the SHEIN app on your mobile device, if you don’t already have it installed. The SHEIN app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store respectively.

Once you’ve installed the app, either login to your existing SHEIN account or register for a new free account. You’ll need an account to access the mini game.

Navigating to the Mini Game:

After installing and logging into the SHEIN app, it’s easy to find the mini game section:

  • Tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner to bring up the main menu.
  • Near the top of menu under your profile information, you’ll see a large button labeled “Play”. Tap this to enter the mini game section.
  • On the main mini game hub, look for the game simply labeled “Mini Game” and tap to launch it. This is the classic claw machine style game.

Understanding Mini Game Coins:

To play the SHEIN mini game, you need coins which act as virtual tokens. Coins can be earned through various means in the app:

  • Login Bonuses: You’ll receive a free daily login bonus of coins.
  • Level Up Rewards: Levelling up your SHEIN profile earns coins.
  • Completing Achievements: Finishing certain app milestones will award coins.
  • Watching Videos: Viewing promotional videos gives coins.

On the mini game screen, you can monitor how many coins you currently have in your balance. Additional coins can always be purchased as an in-app purchase if desired.

How to Play the Mini Game?

The SHEIN mini game has simple and intuitive claw machine style mechanics. Here is how to play:

  • Select Machine: If there are multiple prize machine options, choose the one you want to play by tapping it.
  • Position Claw: Drag and move the claw on screen into place over the prizes using your finger. Target any prize you want to try grabbing.
  • Release Claw: When ready, simply remove your finger from the screen to have the claw drop down towards the prizes.
  • Win Prizes: If you successfully grab and lift a prize with the claw, then it’s added to your balance!

The aim is use skill, precision, and maybe some luck to try capturing fashionable prizes like clothing, accessories and SHEIN points. It takes 10 items captured to be able to redeem a SHEIN reward.

Tips and Tricks for Winning:

Mastering the SHEIN mini game takes skill but these tips can help increase your winning chances:

  • Aim for the middle: Position the claw over the center of your target prize for the most secure grip.
  • Find loose items: Target prizes lying loose instead of wedged tight against others for easier pickup.
  • Nudge prizes: Quickly tap the claw as it descends to nudge prizes into better grabbing positions.
  • Avoid round items: Prizes with rounded shapes like bags can slip out of the claw’s grasp.
  • Use power-ups: Special power-ups offer perks like increased claw strength for better gripping.
  • Practice precision: Getting the claw precision just right takes some getting used to.

With practice, you’ll be skillfully snatching prizes in no time!

Prizes and Rewards:

Capturing prizes with the claw earns you various fun rewards:

  • Clothing & Accessories: Everyday women’s fashion items to use as voucher codes.
  • SHEIN Points: Redeem for discount coupons on SHEIN orders.
  • Game badges: Trade 10 items to claim badges that unlock bonus machine plays.
  • Discount codes: Prize codes for money off your next SHEIN purchase.

To view and redeem prizes, tap the “My Prizes” button on the mini game screen. Codes can then be used at checkout on SHEIN when placing an order.

The types of rewards are always changing too, giving you fresh incentives to keep playing for the latest fashion deals.

Pro Strategies for Success:

Through plenty of practice, these advanced tips can make you a pro at the SHEIN mini game:

  • Survey machine first: Analyze prize layouts and value before playing.
  • Concentrate goods: Herd desired prizes into a tighter zone.
  • Combine power-ups: Stack effects like increased time and claw strength.
  • Grab opposite ends: Pin two items against each other for a double lift!
  • Pursue badges early: Having more plays allows grabbing more items.
  • Play daily: Use all free daily login coins for more chances.
  • Save coins: Stockpile sufficient coins so you can play multiple times.

With the right strategy, an expert player can clear out an entire machine for maximum returns!

Future Outlook:

SHEIN continues updating and expanding the mini game app with new features and events.

In the future, we can expect further improvements like:

  • More machines: Added variety and theme machines.
  • Multiplayer modes: Compete simultaneously with friends.
  • Augmented reality: Project machines into your environment.
  • Customization: Alter claw colors, effects and sounds.
  • Prize trading: Exchange duplicates for new items.
  • Expanded social features: Teams, gifting to friends and more.

As the SHEIN mini game grows even more engaging over time, be sure to keep playing for all the latest fun!


The SHEIN mini game provides a fun, arcade-style experience right inside the SHEIN app. Mastering its claw machine mechanic takes skill but lets you win amazing fashion-related prizes.

With social features, challenges, limited events and an ever-evolving format, the free SHEIN mini game makes shopping on the platform even more rewarding. Download the app, sharpen your claw precision and see just how many trendy prizes you can snag!


Is the SHEIN mini game available in the UK?

Yes, the SHEIN mini game can be played by SHEIN users in the United Kingdom. The game is accessible right in the SHEIN mobile app which can be downloaded in the UK.

How do I get coins to play the SHEIN mini game?

Coins are needed to play the SHEIN claw machine mini game. Coins can be earned by logging in daily, levelling up your SHEIN account, completing achievements, watching promotional videos, and through in-app purchases.

Can I challenge or play SHEIN mini game with friends?

Yes, you can connect your SHEIN account to Facebook to unlock social features. These allow you to directly challenge friends, share wins, compare rankings on leaderboards and team up for future 2 vs 2 multiplayer matches.