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How to See Temu Username on iPhone?

How to See Temu Username on iPhone? Temu is a popular online marketplace app where users can find great deals on various products. When you create a Temu account, you are given a unique username that identifies you on the platform.

However, the Temu app does not make your username readily visible in the interface. This can make it difficult to find and verify your username if you need it for any reason.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through multiple methods to easily view your Temu username on your iPhone. Whether you want to check your username to provide to a friend or need it to recover your account, this guide has got you covered.


Before you can view your Temu username on iPhone, make sure that:

  • You have the latest version of the Temu app installed on your iPhone
  • You have an existing account and username on Temu. If you haven’t signed up yet, install the app and create a new Temu account which will assign you a unique username.
  • Your iPhone is running iOS 12 or later. The Temu app is compatible with devices running at least iOS 12.

View Username Via Settings

The easiest way to find your Temu username on iPhone is through the Temu app’s settings:

  • Launch the Temu app on your iPhone
  • Tap on the profile icon on the bottom right to open the side menu
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Settings’
  • Under the ‘Account’ section, you will see your Temu username displayed

This method allows you to directly view the exact username linked to your Temu account. If you tap on the username, it gets copied automatically so you can easily paste it elsewhere.

Check Username in Profile

You can also view your Temu username via your Temu profile:

  • Open the Temu app and tap on ‘Profile’ on the bottom right
  • On your profile screen, tap on the ‘Edit Profile’ button
  • Here you will see your username pre-filled when editing the profile

This shows your account’s username which you cannot edit from this screen. You can tap the username text box to copy the username if required.

Recover Through Registered Email

If you are unable to access your Temu app, you can still find your username by initiating a forgot password flow:

  • Open any web browser on iPhone and go to the Temu login page
  • Tap on the ‘Forgot Password’ link below the login button
  • Enter the email ID or phone number associated with your Temu account and tap submit
  • Check the email inbox for the registered ID
  • Temu will send a password reset email containing your account username

This method relies on having access to the email/phone number used while creating your Temu account initially. The reset email from Temu contains the username which you can note down from there.

Contact Temu Support on iPhone

As a last resort, you can directly contact Temu’s customer support to retrieve your account’s username:

  • From your iPhone, visit Temu’s Contact Support page on a web browser
  • Tap to select ‘Account Access Issues’ as your request topic
  • Choose ‘Get my account username’ from the available options
  • Fill in the required personal details such as registered email ID
  • Submit the web form after carefully entering accurate information
  • The Temu support team will respond via email with your account username details

This should only be used as a last option since it depends on Temu’s support team responding with your username manually. Provide accurate inputs to ensure Temu can verify your identity.

Link Temu with Apple ID

An alternative approach is to view the username used for signing in with your Apple ID:

  • In the Temu app, open settings and tap on ‘Sign in with Apple ID’
  • Follow the prompts to connect your Temu account login to your Apple ID
  • Open iPhone Settings > Tap on your name > Password & Security
  • View the list of apps using your Apple ID to sign-in, locate Temu
  • Tap on Temu and view the username that Apple has mapped your Temu login to

This Apple ID mapped username on Temu can be considered your account’s username. It may differ from directly viewing it in Temu since Apple IDs follow their own naming convention.


Finding your Temu username allows you to uniquely identify your account, troubleshoot login issues or share your profile with other Temu friends easily.

As you can see in this guide, there are a few convenient ways to see your Temu username directly on the iPhone app or through secondary account recovery methods. Follow the steps outlined for your preferred approach and you will be able to access your Temu username whenever required.


Why can’t I see my Temu username directly on the app?

Temu does not show your username visibly on the app interface. This is done to protect user privacy and prevent misuse of usernames. However, there are methods to find your username as covered in this guide.

Do I need to register my email ID on Temu to see my username?

Yes, having an email ID or phone number registered on your Temu account is required if you want to use the forgot password method to view your username from a reset email.

Does deleting the Temu app remove my account?

No, uninstalling the Temu app only removes it from your iPhone. Your Temu account and username details persist on Temu’s servers. Reinstalling the app will allow you to access the same account.

Can someone else see my Temu purchases?

No, your order history, browsing activity, and personal info are all private to your account. Even if someone knows your username, your full account access is protected.

What should I do if I forgot my Temu username?

You can recover your lost Temu username by initiating a forgot password flow on their website or contacting Temu customer support from a registered communication ID.

Why does Temu need my username for resets?

Your Temu username uniquely identifies your account on their system. Providing the correct username verifies your identity and allows Temu to send password resets specifically for your account.

Can I change my Temu username?

Temu currently does not allow users to modify their usernames after account creation. Your username on Temu remains permanent by design unless changed by Temu internally.