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Is Kickscrew Legit? All Need to Know Before Buying

New designer kicks are a hassle for most individuals because of the high rates. 90 % of these new shoes finish earlier if you’re not fast enough to grab a pair; there are a lot of sneaker enthusiasts out here. To be on the safer side, you might want to pre-order some if you need new shoes. This shoe company sounds like gold, but I’m sure you can’t help yourself from asking if Kicks crew is legit?

As opposed to Goat or Flight Club, Kicks crew doesn’t attain their merchandise from consumers and resell them.  Instead, they obtain the products firsthand from their suppliers with excess inventory. Keep in mind that such suppliers cannot wait to get rid of the excess items; and what better way than to sell them to Kicks Crew at a fair deal? Sounds like a win-win situation.

What is a Kicks crew?

Kicks crew

Kicks crew is a digital shoe store that is physically stationed outside Hong Kong. It started as a hobby by a group of young sneakerheads enthusiasts and later grew to be a business with a good reputation. This entire group wanted to give fellow shoe lovers a chance to get their favorite kicks at affordable costs. The company now identifies as a seamless platform expanding to accessories and apparel. It has over 400k unique styles to choose from and ships globally.

Kickscrew started in 2008 and has been functioning ever since. As stated above, if you wish to physically visit their stores in Hong Kong you may. Otherwise, you can opt to place an order virtually and receive them within the provided time frame. Kicks crew only purchases leftover products from boutiques as well as other designer sellers. Interested users can then buy them from the company’s website or manually at their store. The founders are however looking to expand their territories to Los Angeles in the future. That’s just how big they think!

Is Kickscrew Legal?

Kickscrew Legal

Rest assured, they are legit, and they are a legit first-hand trading platform.

Many individuals are skeptical of Kickscrew because the pricing seems to be too genuine. Many consumers are particularly concerned because the shoes are being shipped from Hong Kong, where they may have had a poor experience with other businesses.

When people began to express their worries, Kickscrew decided to include a disclaimer on each shoe that states “Kicks crew confirmed.” If the tag is withdrawn, the Kicks crew accepts no responsibility. When you get your shoes delivered, ensure they all have this tag.

Kicks crew is regarded as a genuine, legitimate, and dependable website. You can obtain real shoes at a reasonable price without being taken advantage of. All of the footwear is purchased straight from stores and Kicks crew sells them affordably considering how much they got them for.

Their website has been up and running for almost eleven years with no serious concerns. Orders placed through the website are secure, and your information will not be compromised. If anything, all your order history is well-backed for future reference.  The only true issue regarding Kickscrew is that shipping and delivery sometimes take a lengthy time. They are however working to avoid delaying shipping.

Here are ways to find out if Kicks crew is legit.

First, you can do a deep dive into YouTube and other social media platforms and browse over the reviews made by influencers. All reviews indicate it is genuine and users are quite happy with its services.

The second way is to check their pages on social media. They have massive followers and comments under each post. From this you'll gather the respect they gain from people purchasing items there.

Last but not least, their official website is well-organized and user-friendly. It lets users know what items to buy and their worth.

Are the shoes on the Kicks crew authentic?

Kicks crew authentic

The fact that Kicks crew employs specialists with expertise in selling shoe accessories makes it even easier to put your faith in them.

It has a multi-step verification method to ensure that each sneaker sold is authentic. They examine the material's structure, taking into account a variety of characteristics such as manufacturing quality, size, tag, stitching, color, material, and packaging. They apply machine learning algorithms to validate all of this data, ensuring that even slight errors are detected and eliminated; they cannot be sold unless they pass the verification process.

They also ensure that all of the shoes they offer include the proper accessories and verification tags.

This technique ensures a 99.95 percent accuracy rate to ensure that you always receive high-quality shoes.

How to register for Kicks crew

Register for Kicks crew

You will be eligible for future KicksCrew discount coupons and sale alerts if you join their email list. To sign up, go to and create an account by filling out the form with your personal information. You will begin receiving email newsletters as soon as you register an account.

Kicks crew services

Kicks crew services

Kicks Crew is committed to providing a smooth experience for its customers and has organized its items in an orderly manner on its website. New arrival segments are available for those that enjoy freshly introduced things. There is also a hot goods area with the most popular footwear. It is also possible to shop by brand.

Clients should not be concerned if they are unsure about their shoe size. On the company's website, there is a measurement information area that can always be referred to.

The firm also transports its items and works with reputable courier companies such as DPEX, FedEx, DHL, and UPS, among others, so customers can be confident that their orders will arrive securely. The shipping time and cost are determined by the bulkiness and volume of the order.


Q. Can I exchange/return my order at Kicks crew?

Yes. Users can exchange their shoes for others if they are unsatisfied with the order.  There's one condition one has to adhere to before returning; the tags must be intact and unworn. Another important thing to note is that you can only exchange within 7 working days from the delivery date. Once your return request is accepted, you'll have to return them to the warehouse.

Before initiating a return, note that it takes longer for the whole process to complete. So ensure you check all the orders you want are okay (in terms of color, size, and brand) before purchasing. It'll save everyone some time.

Q. Does the kicks crew allow cancellation or orders?

Unfortunately one cannot amend their order details once the placement is completed. You can however cancel the order only if you do it immediately. Check with their customer care if the order has already been dispatched; if not, they can cancel it on your behalf or you can do it too.

Cancellations are not always 100% guaranteed plus users will incur a fee; of 15% of the total checkout (plus delivery charges).


Kicks crew is a legitimate firm with a trustworthy website and trained staff that verify the authenticity of every sneaker before selling it. The verification procedure is thorough, ensuring that each shoe is genuine and original.

Because they don't buy from used retailers, each shoe is brand new and in excellent condition. While delivery delays might be lengthy because they are sent from Hong Kong, the delay is worthwhile.

Try out Kicks crew if you want new shoes at a low cost. Enjoy shopping with the Kicks crew and let us know your experience!