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The 10 Best Websites for Hiring Top Marketing Talent

Here is a draft 2800+ word blog post on the best websites to hire marketers:

Building a strong marketing team is crucial for any modern business looking to grow in today‘s competitive landscape. However, finding and hiring the right marketers with the proper skills to meet your specific business needs can be a significant challenge.

This article will explore the top websites that provide access to skilled marketing talent, contractors, and agencies to help assemble an all-star roster. We’ll overview the key features of each site, types of marketing professionals available, vetting processes, pricing models, and more to assist you in making the best hiring decision for your organization.

Why Hiring the Right Marketers Matters

Before jumping into the best marketplaces to connect with marketing talent, it’s important to level-set on why building an effective marketing team should be a priority.

Marketing sits at the intersection of multiple business disciplines – sales, analytics, content, design, and more. Getting messaging, positioning, and campaigns right is essential for acquisition and revenue growth.

However, many organizations struggle with their marketing efforts and see lackluster results. A 2021 CMO Survey found that 23% of companies rated their marketing performance as somewhat or very ineffective.

There are many potential reasons for marketing underperformance, but often it comes down to not having the right people and skills in place. Common marketing team issues include:

  • Lack of Experience: Junior marketers still early in their careers often lack necessary expertise.
  • Weak Fitting Skills: The current team skillsets don’t fully align to business marketing needs.
  • Poor Collaboration: Friction between team members with siloed work streams.
  • Unfocused Efforts: Trying to do too much with limited resources.

Building a balanced marketing team with complementary skills and a shared vision is essential to drive business growth. And leveraging specialized websites profiled here can aid greatly in assembling your marketing “Avengers”.

Key Marketing Skills to Look For

While specific skills needed will vary across companies and industries, there are foundational marketing capabilities hiring managers should evaluate candidates for:

Communication & Writing: Strong verbal and written skills to craft campaigns, messaging, content, and more to connect with target audiences.

Analytics & Reporting: Using data and insights to inform marketing strategies and demonstrate ROI on spend/activities.

Project Management: Juggling multiple concurrent projects and campaigns while ensuring they align to objectives.

Advertising: Proficiency with modern digital/social advertising platforms to build awareness and increase conversions.

Design: Visual presentation expertise to make campaigns and content pop and perform better.

Social Media: Understanding of maximizing reach on key social platforms and community building.

SEO/SEM: Optimizing content and campaigns to get found by ideal searchers on Google and other search engines.

Identify the biggest skill gaps on your current marketing squad when looking to add additional members with specialized websites.

Top 10 Websites to Hire Marketing Talent

Here are 10 of the best websites to leverage when looking to hire marketing contractors, agencies, and other talent to build out all facets of your marketing mix:

1. Upwork

Arguably the most popular online freelance platform, Upwork provides access to marketing experts across 150+ specialties. With vetted talent profiles and streamlined hiring/payment processes, it makes finding tailored marketing help straightforward.

Key Details

  • 7M+ registered freelancers
  • 150+ marketing categories
  • Customizable talent searches
  • Work histories & skill verification
  • Time tracking & payments via site
  • 3% service fee on contractor payments

Best For

  • Content writers/creators
  • Graphic designers
  • Video editors
  • Web developers
  • Virtual assistants

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is another massive online freelance talent marketplace with many marketing professionals offering services, often at very affordable rates. The platform is best leveraged for one-off projects.

Key Details

  • Over 5M active freelancers
  • Talent ratings help vet skills
  • Gigs start at $5 but expand from there
  • Easy search by marketing skill
  • Good for small marketing experiments
  • 20% service charge for sellers

Best For

  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Simple web development
  • Animated explainers
  • Translation services

3. Contently

As a content-focused platform, Contently specializes in connecting companies to skilled writers, editors, photographers, illustrators, and filmmakers to elevate branded storytelling.

Key Details

  • 50K+ creatives in Contently network
  • Highly-vetted talent screening
  • Custom content strategy help
  • Subscription-based payment plans
  • American & European talent pools
  • Strong focus on thought leadership content

Best For

  • Whitepaper/eBook writers
  • Blog/articles creators
  • Newsletter drafting
  • Video script creation
  • Podcast production

4. Guru

With 1.5M+ qualified freelancers across 100 skill groups, Guru makes it easy to find vetted marketing talent best suited to your needs and objectives. Custom hiring packages available.

Key Details

  • Robust search filters by skills & rates
  • Custom support for sourcing & hiring
  • Free to post job listings
  • Optional custom packages for ~$500+
  • No signup required to browse profiles
  • 8.95% service charge applies

Best For

  • Email marketers
  • Paid search specialists
  • Landing page optimization
  • Social media managers
  • Marketing consultants

5. SolidGigs

This niche site focuses solely on specialized Excel consulting and automation work. So if complex marketing reporting/analysis is needed leveraging spreadsheets, SolidGigs delivers targeted matching with strong talent.

Key Details

  • 5K+ specialized Excel freelancers
  • Custom offsite platform used for hiring
  • Handpicked talent lists sent quickly
  • Free to submit help request ticket
  • Unique focus on Excel automation
  • Usually <100 freelancers shown

Best For

  • Data analysts
  • Funnel optimization
  • Ad performance analysts
  • ROI calculators
  • Automated report builders

6. FlexJobs

A great resource for remote marketing roles and contract work, FlexJobs provides a curated list of highly-skilled flexible talent screened for professionalism to hire or outsource projects to.

Key Details

  • Strong screening process for talent
  • Remote-only flexible job listings
  • Career coaching services included
  • Weekly custom job matches
  • ~$15/month membership
  • Higher-quality talent pool

Best For

  • Marketing consultants
  • Media buyers/planners
  • SEO auditors
  • Social media managers
  • Content strategists

7. CloudPeeps

CloudPeeps helps easily connect with elite independent marketing contractors hand-selected from networks like Contently, Dribbble, and Behance. Great for building an extended network.

Key Details

  • Invite-only screening for pros
  • Custom matching by need
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Nice collaboration tools
  • $800+ monthly subscription
  • 4-day hiring guarantee

Best For

  • Creative agencies
  • UX/UI designers
  • Video production pros
  • High-end consultants
  • Executive writers


With a database of 700K+ businesses, makes hiring marketing agencies and specialized service professionals straightforward within their robust talent marketplace.

Key Details

  • Agencies across all specialties
  • Reviews help vet quality options
  • Custom RFP builder to detail needs
  • Guarantee on hired talent
  • Agencies apply to work requests
  • Free to post marketing jobs

Best For

  • Media buyers
  • Event marketing teams
  • Branding consultants
  • Web development shops
  • Creative ad agencies

9. Handshake

College students and recent grads make up the 250K person talent network on Handshake looking to gain experience. Great for limited marketing budgets.

Key Details

  • Early talent from 500+ universities
  • Custom matching by skillsets
  • Virtual onboarding workflows
  • Specialized entry-level hiring
  • Salary reports inform offers
  • Free to post intern listings

Best For

  • Writing interns
  • Analyst assistants
  • Event coordinators
  • Design associates
  • Campaign support

10. Toptal

While extremely selective with only 3% of applicants making it through their screening process, Toptal provides elite seasoned marketing talent available for contract & custom projects.

Key Details

  • High-caliber talent marketplace
  • Specialize in short & long-term projects
  • Custom matching at no cost
  • Upfront talent screening
  • In-depth vetting process
  • Commission charged to talent

Best For

  • Expert consultants
  • Data architects
  • Strategic planners
  • Technical marketers
  • Full stack engineers

This list highlights some of the top dedicated digital platforms available to connect with specialized marketing contractors, agencies, and customizable talent based on your budget and needs.

Taking the time to assess skills missing from your current marketing roster and then leveraging hiring sites profiled here can pay major dividends when it comes to supercharging your marketing machine!

Tips for Attracting Top Marketing Talent

Once aware of the vast pools of marketing talent available across specialized hiring sites, it’s then essential to craft compelling job posts and selling points around your company’s vision to attract A-level talent.

Here are a few tips when showcasing your marketing roles and opportunities to top performers:

Highlight Company Traction – What milestones, customer counts, revenue growth or funding has the business achieved to date to showcase momentum and scale ability for candidates.

Emphasize Leadership – Profile experience and background of executives and marketing leadership to be compelling to ambitiously-minded talent.

Showcase Innovation – What uniquely disruptive solutions, technologies or approaches does your company leverage to command interest from talent on the cutting edge.

Talk Company Mission – What greater visions or positive impacts does your organization strive to make through its products, services and community.

Specify Measurable Goals – Outlining tangible metrics for marketing campaigns and programs aligned to business objectives provides clarity.

Taking the time to craft marketing job listings and communicating your company’s compelling story acts as a magnet to attract marketing rock stars that align with your vision and can have an outsized impact.

Interviewing Marketing Candidates

Once you’ve sparked interest from prospective marketing talent leveraging targeted hiring sites, conducting effective screening interviews allows properly assessing candidate fit.

Below are key areas to evaluate any marketing role prospect on during initial interviews:

Past Campaign Performance – Request examples of standout marketing programs executed from concept and creative development through promotion and measurement.

Data-Driven Approach – Ask candidates to describe how they leverage analytics and insights to inform campaign strategies and tactics.

Audience Persona Awareness – See if marketing candidates understand how to segment audiences and craft targeted positioning.

Latest Platform Experience – Quiz prospects on their hands-on experience and training with current popular marketing technologies.

Creative Communication Skills – Evaluate writing, presentation, storytelling and listening skills firsthand during your discussions.

Cultural & Values Alignment – Gain perspective into workstyles and motivations to assess compatibility with company environment.

Leveraging interviews properly helps determine if talent possses the requisite blend of smarts, skills and drive needed to excel in marketing roles.

Be sure to also consult portfolios, online profiles, tenure history, and references to round out your evaluations before extending any job offers.

Onboarding Marketing Hires

Once you’ve found marketing talent superstars and formally brought them aboard, ensuring proper onboarding helps them become productive quickly.

Below are some onboarding best practices when integrating new marketing team members:

Set Up Collaboration Tools Access – From Slack to Trello to G-Suite, provide logins to key platforms for easy communication and transparency.

Run Initial Alignment Meetings – Schedule introductions for new marketing hires with key peer leads in sales, product, and design to build rapport.

Provide Training On Systems – Conduct hands-on walkthroughs for team tools like CRMs, analytics dashboards, and internal wikis essential for their role.

Send Welcome Kits – Provide company swag, handbooks, and personalized welcome notes to delight new marketing teammates.

Assign Early Structured Projects – Start new hires on well-defined early assignments with guardrails like 90-day campaign plans.

Check-In Frequently – Be available, ask for feedback, and course-correct quickly if any aspects of onboarding can improve.

Smooth onboarding processes integrate marketing staff smartly to become impactful contributors faster. Don’t miss this high-leverage opportunity to boost new team productivity and performance rapidly when hiring from popular marketing talent websites profiled.

Now that we’ve covered top sites for sourcing marketing rockstars along with vetting and onboarding best practices, let’s examine how to effectively structure high-performance marketing teams.

Building Strong Marketing Team Structures

The marketing landscape has grown vastly complex with the exponential growth in channels, platforms, and strategies in recent years. Trying to manage broad marketing undertakings with limited staffing or the wrong structure often leads to disjointed, siloed and ultimately ineffective efforts.

But by taking a more strategic approach on team construction and alignment focused on business goals, it’s possible to do more with finite marketing resources.

Below are common modern digital marketing team structures to consider:

Centralized Approach

  • Cross-trained roles managing integrated campaigns
  • Strategists guide digital, performance & brand marketing
  • Tight coordination between search, social & content
  • Analytics informs all activity & optimization


  • Shared coordinating team drives vision & strategy
  • Distributed pod teams specialize tactically (e.g. Ads)
  • Central support for resource allocation
  • Individual success measured to shared goals

Embedded Hybrid

  • Centralized core team provides air cover
  • Satellite marketers embed within business units
  • Mix of generalists supporting specialists
  • Enables marketing scale & localization

While needs vary greatly across companies, leveraging more nimble team frameworks focused on enablement, central support and pensions helps modern marketing teams deliver exponentially greater impact – even when hiring for roles from websites profiled in this guide.

Additional Marketing Talent Resources

Beyond the specialized hiring websites covered above, additional useful resources exist for sourcing, training and developing top-tier marketing talent.


Industry groups like the American Marketing Association and Digital Analytics Association host member directories for networking opportunities.

Alumni Networks

Marketing graduates from prominent university programs often yield strong candidates.


Programs like AdVenture and Marketing Werks offer apprentice recruiting.

Internship Programs

Paid programs focused on converting top performers from marketing intern cohorts into full-time hires can access emerging talent.

Contract Agencies

Marketing-focused temp agencies like Creative Circle, Aquent and ContextureInfotech can provide flexible staffing solutions.

Online Learning Platforms

Sites like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and General Assembly offer robust marketing-focused course catalogs for professional development across specialties.

This mix of resources can further help in sourcing specialized marketing talent beyond core hiring sites profiled earlier.

Key Takeaways on Hiring Marketers

I hope this extensive guide covering specialized marketing talent websites provides a helpful starting point to upgrade marketing capabilities needed to hit business growth goals.

Quick key takeaways include:

  • Prioritizing hiring to address marketing team skill gaps is crucial for expanding companies.
  • Wide range of hiring sites profiled fit key specialties, budgets and needs
  • Crafting compelling marketing role postings helps attract A-player talent
  • Leverage interviews to properly vet candidate expertise areas
  • Smooth onboarding of new marketing team members accelerates productivity
  • More modern team structures enable greater marketing impact

Visit any of the marketing talent hiring platforms showcased to start connecting with your next marketing rockstar fit to take campaigns and capabilities to the next level!