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The Complete Guide to the Top WordPress Theme Affiliate Programs

WordPress now powers over 40% of all websites, and its wide selection of customizable themes is a big reason why. As an influencer, blogger or website owner, promoting premium WordPress themes through affiliate partnerships can be an excellent passive income stream. But with countless theme companies and affiliates out there, how do you know which programs are worthwhile to join?

This comprehensive guide will explain what WordPress theme affiliate programs are, spotlight the top companies to partner with, and provide tips to help you maximize your earnings potential as an affiliate promoting premium WordPress themes.

What Are WordPress Theme Affiliate Programs?

WordPress theme affiliate programs allow people to earn commissions by promoting and referring sales of WordPress themes. Most premium theme companies have an affiliate program where they pay affiliates generous commissions for driving new customers their way through reviews, social shares, email newsletter mentions, and other promotional efforts.

As an affiliate, you get access to banner ads, text links, promo codes, and other assets to incorporate into your website, videos, podcasts or social media. When someone clicks your affiliate link and buys the theme you promoted, you receive credit for that sale and earn a commission. Commissions typically range from 30% to 50% per sale depending on the company.

The beauty of these affiliate programs is that once you refer a sale, you continue earning commissions if that customer renews their membership or makes additional purchases. Affiliates only have to put in the upfront effort of promoting the themes to start benefitting from passive earnings that trickle in month after month.

Next let’s look at some of the key benefits of joining WordPress theme affiliate programs.

Why Join WordPress Theme Affiliate Programs?

Here are some of the main reasons savvy website owners and influencers are jumping on board with WordPress theme affiliate partnerships:

Completely Passive Income Potential – Once you refer a sale through your affiliate link, you can earn commissions for months or years down the road if customers renew their memberships. You only have to promote the themes once to benefit from ongoing passive revenue.

Generous Commissions – Top WordPress theme companies pay extremely generous affiliate commissions, ranging from 30% to 50% per sale. The highest paying program featured below offers $210 per referral!

Recurring Commissions – You earn affiliate commissions on the initial purchase and any future renewals or additional purchases from customers you referred. Lifetime value of a referral can add up nicely.

Valuable Promotional Resources – Reputable theme companies equip affiliates with custom banner ads, text links, promo codes and other assets to help convert visitors into buyers.

Industry-Leading Tracking – Robust affiliate dashboards allow you to monitor your clicks, impressions, referrals and earnings so you know precisely which assets and channels drive sales.

Work From Home – No need for an office or commute. Promoting themes as an affiliate can be done from home while working in your pajamas.

Easy to Join – Signing up for most WordPress theme affiliate programs is quick, convenient and completely free. No minimum sales requirements to worry about either.

Now let‘s take a close look at 10 of the most profitable WordPress theme affiliate programs to consider joining.

Top WordPress Theme Affiliate Programs

If you‘re searching for the best premium WordPress theme companies offering generous affiliate commissions, here are 10 excellent programs worth exploring:

1. Elegant Themes

With over 400,000 customers, Elegant Themes is one of the largest and most popular sources for premium WordPress themes. Their products include the Divi WordPress theme and visual page builder along with dozens of other multipurpose themes.

As an Elegant Themes affiliate you earn a whopping 50% commission on initial theme purchases and annual membership renewals from customers you refer. They offer ready-made banner ads, text links, articles, social posts and other promotional resources to help drive conversions. You also get detailed analytics for assessing your campaign’s performance.

With generous payouts, valuable marketing assets and a huge potential customer base, Elegant Themes is easily one of the most lucrative WordPress theme affiliate programs available.

2. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes creates conversion-focused WordPress themes and plugins designed to boost website revenue. Their flagship product Thrive Architect, a landing page builder trusted by over 100,000 brands, incorporates dynamic content elements that lift conversions.

As a Thrive Themes affiliate you pocket 40% commissions on all sales generated from your promo efforts. They provide ready-made text links, product reviews, demo videos and other turnkey marketing assets to utilize across your website and social channels.

With their results-driven philosophy and dedicated customer base, Thrive Themes is perfect for affiliates who want to promote products designed explicitly to increase website conversions and client revenue.

3. Astra

Astra is one of the most popular free themes for WordPress, with over 1 million active installs globally. They offer a Pro version with additional premium modules, all of which carry lucrative affiliate payouts.

The Astra affiliate program offers up to $210 per sale commissions (the highest of any on our list), making it hugely enticing for WordPress influencers to promote. They also provide a customizable affiliate dashboard letting you closely monitor your campaign‘s progress.

With their massive user base and industry-leading payout rates, Astra should be high on any prospective WordPress theme affiliate‘s list.

4. GeneratePress

As a speed and performance-centric alternative to page builder-heavy themes, GeneratePress has amassed over 300,000 active installs. Their emphasis on speed and SEO appeal especially to tech-savvy users.

GeneratePress offers affiliates 30% commissions on all referred sales. They also provide logos, banners, discounts codes and other perfectly-optimized promotional assets to incorporate on your site. You can conveniently access detailed analytics on your campaign‘s earnings, clicks and referral data too.

For those looking to promote lightweight WordPress themes focused on site speed, GeneratePress is an excellent option that delivers great conversions and commissions.

5. MyThemeShop

Home to dozens of popular multipurpose WordPress themes across categories like blog, business, WooCommerce and magazine themes, MyThemeShop gives affiliates instant access to a wide base of potential customers.

As a MyThemeShop affiliate, you earn 55% commissions on all referred sales with no minimum payout threshold. So you collect earnings immediately rather than waiting to hit a payout target first. They offer an extensive library of banners, promo texts, review content, email templates and other handy marketing resources too.

For affiliates interested in promoting WordPress themes across multiple niches to a wider audience, MyThemeShop is a flexible, highly lucrative pick.

6. StudioPress

StudioPress excels at premium WordPress themes specifically designed for publishers, marketers and online entrepreneurs. They’re the creators of the acclaimed Genesis framework included across all their theme products to facilitate easier customization.

The StudioPress affiliate program delivers 35% in commissions for each referral purchase, plus supplemental earnings of $1 per new affiliate signup and 5% of their future sales. So not only are payouts generous, you benefit from contributing to their affiliate growth too.

For those looking particularly to target customers running online stores, blogs or other commercial sites, StudioPress themes integrated with the Genesis framework provide a great affiliate product to stand behind.

7. ThemeIsle

ThemeIsle offers an extensive library of multi-purpose business themes engineered for optimal site speed and sleek design aesthetics. Their products simplify complex site construction processes to enable straightforward launch and management.

As a ThemeIsle affiliate, you earn a healthy 55% commission on all referred sales. They supply a full complement of automated email drip campaigns, banners, demo sites, text links and analysis tools to streamline your path to earning. The 365-day cookie period is exceptionally generous as well compared to shorter alternatives from other vendors.

For tech-forward affiliates seeking modern, versatile WordPress themes capable of powering diverse website types, ThemeIsle delivers excellent value.

8. CSSIgniter

CSSIgniter distinguishes itself by specializing in WordPress themes for niche site builders rather than one-size-fits-all multipurpose offerings. They offer dedicated themes for hotels, restaurants, magazines, coupons sites and more.

CSSIgniter provides affiliates bountiful banner ads, text links, custom landing pages and stellar reporting to help your campaign convert. Payouts clock in at an attractive 50% commission on any generated sales. Minimum withdrawal is only $50, payable conveniently via PayPal.

If you run websites in specific industries or have a clearly defined target audience, CSSIgniter’s targeted theme selection presents more pertinent recommendations with fewer distractions.

9. AccessPress Themes

Catering extensively to small businesses and marketers, AccessPress provides WordPress themes specially designed to amplify conversions and revenue. Site owners can easily launch fully functional online stores, forums, membership portals and directory sites using their robust themes.

You earn 40% commissions on sales you generate as an AccessPress affiliate. Promotional resources like text links, banners, email templates, guide content and social posts make spreading the word to your audience a breeze.

Given small business sites stand to benefit enormously from optimized themes that lower barriers to profitability, AccessPress presents a timely offering with broad appeal across sectors.

10. TeslaThemes

TeslaThemes concentrates explicitly on WordPress themes for building effective online stores powered by WooCommerce. They incorporate sleek, modern designs with conversion rate optimization best practices to increase checkout rates.

Signing up to promote TeslaThemes as an affiliate earns you 50% commissions per sale with no minimum payout. You gain instant access to their library of custom site banners, promo emails, text links and discounts codes too.

For affiliate marketers already catering to ecommerce merchants, TeslaThemes are tailor-made to transform storefronts into revenue-generating machines.

Tips for Succeeding as a WordPress Theme Affiliate

Now that you’ve scoped out the most enticing WordPress theme affiliate programs available, let’s run through some tips to help maximize your referral earnings:

Pick Relevant Programs – Promote WordPress themes closely matching the interests and needs of your audience. For example, ecommerce themes for affiliate sites focused on online selling topics.

Utilize Provided Assets – Incorporate affiliate banners, text links andother resources into your website and promo channels rather than just sharing generic links.

Create Dedicated Content – Develop “best WordPress themes” review articles, comparison posts, pros vs cons evaluations and other content SPECIFICALLY customized around the theme brands you are promoting.

Promote Across Multiple Channels – Share affiliate links and assets through your blog, videos, podcasts, email lists, social accounts and any other channels you actively use to interact with your audience. More exposure equals more conversions.

Provide Incentives – Increase opt-ins and clicks by offering site visitors promo codes, free tools/trials or gated premium content in exchange for clicking your affiliate links. More curiosity and tangible rewards drive more interest.

Monitor Performance – Use affiliate dashboards to track metrics like clicks, impressions, referrals and conversions so you know which specific assets and channels are generating sales. Double down on what works.

By joining the right programs for your audience then creatively and consistently incorporating tailored promotional elements across all your web properties, you will see WordPress theme affiliate earnings accumulate steadily.


We hope this guide provided ample inspiration around the potential for generating significant passive revenue streams through WordPress theme affiliate partnerships.

The top WordPress theme companies pay extremely generous recurring commissions while equipping affiliates with plenty of helpful promotional resources. For website owners, bloggers and influencers already producing online content, incorporating relevant affiliate links and recommendations takes minimal added effort while setting the stage for sizable long-term payouts.

WordPress now permeates over a third of the internet, establishing an enormous (and growing) total addressable market for affiliates catering to site builders‘ ever-present demand for fresh themes.

The companies showcased all facilitate convenient signup procedures to start accessing lucrative commissions in short order. So if you‘re seeking supplementary income sources that blend seamlessly into existing website or social media channels, promoting premium WordPress themes emerges as an easy yet highly profitable endeavor.