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How Long Does Flight Club Take to Ship? 2022 Experience

As one considers shopping for a new pair of nice shoes, the first destination you presumably visit is Flight Club, one of the greatest sneaker markets offering Yeezys, Air Jordans, and just about everything else. What Shipping Methods Does Flight Club Offer? If this is your worry then worry less as this article intends to answer all your queries on flight club deliveries.

Because you may or may not be able to buy the sneakers in-store, you opt to buy them from While waiting for your new Athletic shoes, you can't help but anticipate how long it takes for Flight Club to deliver your shoes to your set destination.

How much time does the Flight club take to process the order?

Flight club take to process the order

Flight club works on a tight schedule and ensures all the purchases reach their rightful owners. Here is how the footwear company distributes its sales:

All entries that fall under the “Lowest Price” classification take about 7 to 9 working days to process; however, orders in the “Fastest to You” section are sent out on the same workday day and delivered to the customer within 5 days if placed before 2 p.m. EST. If not, Flight Club sends the goods the following business day.

How long does fight club take to ship?

Fight club take to ship

Before orders get shipped, they first need to be verified by the store. This is a very crucial step as clients need to see what they are spending their money on before purchasing. When a customer puts an order with Flight Club, it may take up to 48 hours for the purchase to be confirmed. If consumers order from a specified or nearby place, it takes a little time to validate a purchase and dispatch it as early as possible.

If the verification is successful, the buyer will get an email confirmation with their order status.

Shipping commences after an approved verification of the sneakers. Order processing timeframes at Flight Club vary according to product categories. As stated previously, purchases in the “Lowest Price” category take 7-9 business days before you can receive the shoes, but those under the “Fastest to You” category come within 5 days.

Please keep in mind that Flight Club's approval and shipping processes only occur on business days. So, if you purchase “Fastest to You” on Saturday, you can expect it on the following Saturday rather than Midweek.

Flight Club, a shoe shop, analyzes orders based on pricing alternatives. Orders marked “Fastest to You” are processed faster since the shoes in this category have already been authenticated. Orders marked “Lowest Price” are sent to Flight Club for merchandise verification before being dispatched to clients.

The authentication phase assures that the shoes are authentic, and it takes 9 days of work for them to send to their owners.

Now you understand why it takes so long for your orders to start shipping.

How long does it take for international shipping?

International shipping

International shipping takes about 7-15 days, depending on your shipping method and address. Besides, the delivery time estimates are not guaranteed considering the unavoidable instance that could affect the shipment.

As much as the leading shoe company wants to offer free shipping services, it has become impossible. Their international clients are fully responsible for other additional taxes after placing orders even though the flight club does its best to protect them from such unexpected charges.

Flight Club overseas delivery takes 7 to 15 business days. The shipment fluctuates depending on the shipment option you select as well as where you reside.

For instance, if customers select Global Express Guaranteed delivery, this could take approximately 2-7 business days.

Priority Mail Express International shipment typically takes 3 – 8 working days.

Priority Mail International freight takes 6-10 business days, and First-Class Package International mailing takes Varies by Address.

If you need your orders quickly, you may select the quickest courier service. In this situation, be prepared to incur high delivery costs since they may be more than ordinary shipping.

Note that the business days are from Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

What does the flight club use for transportation

Flight club use for transportation

Flight Club uses its shipping services and expedited shipping methods, including FedEx, USPS, and USP, among others.

USA residents prefer the lowest price shipping which takes approximately 9 working days. However, if you want your shoes delivered faster then there’s the next-day option too.

Does Fight club have a shipping tracking system?

Yes. Customers who receive a confirmation email after placing an order with the flight club can start tracking their items online.

Here’s how you can track your order on

Step 1: Search for

Step 2: Sign in to your flight account

Sign in to your flight account

Step 3: Go to “my orders”

Step 4: You will see the tracking number

Step 5: Copy-paste that number on the Global package tracking homepage

Step 6: Select the track package option

Step 7: You should be able to see your order’s status here

Order’s status

Does Flight club charge shipping?

Flight club charge shipping

Currently, they don't offer free shipping, so you'll have to pay for the shipping yourself for your courier.

Flight Club shipping rates in 2022 include:

  • $13.50 in 48 adjacent states in the USA.
  • Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is $15.
  • Expedited shipping is $25.
  • Shipping to Canada is $30.
  • $40 for other international countries.

Can I return to the fight club?

Return to fight club

Unfortunately, Flight Club doesn't quite accept exchanges or refunds. All sales made through Flight Club are permanent. This is because the things offered by Flight Club are supplied by independent proprietors, transforming it into a ship-to-verify and leasing industry.

Whether the product sells electronically or in-store, the prior owner selling it is compensated for the product. As a result, Flight Club is unable to conduct any refunds or exchanges.

If you have any queries about the size or quality of a type of product, or if you want a reimbursement for whatever reason, please contact Flight Club customer service. They’re always happy to help.


Q. Can one cancel their Flight Club order, and how is it done?

Yes, you may revoke your Flight Club order, except within three hours of ordering it just before the merchant confirms it. If you try canceling it three hours later or after the vendor has finalized the order, you won't be able to cancel it.

If none of these things happen, just check your order via “Track My Order” or “My Account,” then choose “Cancel Order,” and follow the prompts shown. If you check out as a visitor, you'll also need to register a Flight Club account.

Q. What happens in case I lose my order?

What transpires when the order is misplaced throughout the delivery process, in the event they are rejected and reverted? Flight Club has a solid customer support structure in place that fixes any ordering concerns swiftly. There is a possibility that products will go missing between consignment and distribution. If you do not get your order, they will refund it and reimburse your payment at their discretion.


Shopping at flight clubs has been made simple and easy since its invention. All the “fastest to you” shipments arrive at their designated destinations within 2-5 business days. On the other hand, “lowest price” good category deliveries take up to 9 working days.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your general experience shopping with flight club? Leave us your feedback in the comments section. Hope you enjoy shopping with the flight club!