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How Long Does StockX Take To Authenticate [2023 Guide]

StockX has grown to be a popular platform where sellers can sell their items to a global market. The verification process is strict to ensure the buyers only get genuine products.

StockX is an incredible resale market for selling high-quality sports shoes. However, it also allows the sale of other goods, clothing, watches, accessories, bags, and other items. As long as you have genuine products, it becomes easier to sell on the platform.

However, there are certain transaction fees that you will incur when selling on the platform. Thereby, it is important to understand the dynamics and costs to be in a better position. You can sell on the platform at low rates easily.

How Long Does The Verification Process Take?

After they receive your item, it will take about 1-2 days to verify its authenticity. However, the period may differ based on how far you are from the verification center. The team checks the condition of the item thoroughly.

How Long Does The Verification Process Take

Therefore, as a seller, you won't even need to provide proof of purchase. To be on the safe side, try to package it accurately based on the guidelines given and the required accessories. Once done, store the item well to ensure it doesn’t get worn out easily.

The verification process is performed in the authentication centers. StockX is committed to ensuring you only get quality items.  Therefore, as a buyer, you are assured that the item will arrive in perfect condition and has been evaluated perfectly.

What Are the Requirements for Sellers in the Verification Process

Well, as a seller, you are required to deliver the item to the StockX team. The team then does a thorough inspection to ensure the item meets the required conditions. Once the item is verified, it will be sent to the buyer. Verification varies based on the item.

What Are the Requirements for Sellers in the Verification Process

If the item doesn’t pass the verification, it will be shipped back to the shipping address on the seller's account. All the additional accessories will also be returned. However, don’t expect any receipts, stickers or tags to be returned.

When you submit an item, that ends your transaction with the buyer. When it passes the verification, you will then get your payment, and StockX will take care of the remaining process. StockX takes care of the logistics well.

How Stock X Guarantees The Authenticity Of Products

StockX has over 6 authentication centers worldwide, therefore items undergo serious scrutiny.

1. They only accept slow-moving items.

How Stock X Guarantees The Authenticity Of Products

2. Verification experts carefully analyze the material and composition of the product to avoid encountering fake sneakers.

fake sneakers

3. Their validation accuracy is as high as 99.95%

4. StockX only allows dead stock items – typically brand-new items.

brand-new items

5. The verification team analyzes the material construction using checklists.

6. They use machine learning to catch the tiniest details to verify whether an item is fake or legit.

Can I Expedite The Verification Process?

Some sellers were curious to know whether they could speed up the verification of shoes by uploading the receipt and other materials they used when they purchased the shoes.

Unfortunately, StockX does not currently support this verification method. Therefore, as a seller, you will need to wait patiently for the approved verification process to end. It takes just 1-2 days.

How Long Does It Take For StockX To Ship?

Once the verification is done, it takes StockX approximately 7-12 days for the item to reach the buyer. First, the buyer orders the item, the seller sends the item to the StockX team, and they verify the item.

How Long Does It Take For StockX To Ship

It then takes 1-2 days for the StockX team to verify the item, then ships it to the specific buyer in the unique regions. Also, the shipping is determinant of the seller, and how fast they send it to StockX. However, the StockX team tries to deliver it on time.

How To Spot Fake Stock X Tags

How To Spot Fake Stock X Tags

The StockX tag is proof of authenticity. The tag helps to prove the authenticity of a product. Each of the products they ship tends to have a tag to prove genuineness. Here is a way you can spot a fake StockX tag on items:

Step 1: First check the font used in the tag used. If you see that the inscriptions on the coin are chipped, be assured that it is fake. Another thing to check is the shade of the paint and the letters' alignment.

Step 2: Next, check whether the logo looks real. Does it look genuine? While on that, also check the card that comes with the tag.

Step 3: You should also be able to unplug and re-plug the cable on the sneakers/item. Don’t forget to check the green shade on the coin.

Step 5: Once satisfied, go ahead to scan the StockX tag to verify its authenticity.

Get Quality Items from StockX.

Get Quality Items from StockX

You have to be cautious when buying or selling online. Luckily, StockX is here to make the process easier. As a seller, you are exposed to a large market to sell your products. As a buyer, you are assured of getting some of the best items that have undergone proper scrutiny.

StockX is one of the best platforms that you can trust. Just ensure you do proper research to buy the best products while also verifying the StockX tag.


Q. What are the rates on StockX

There are five seller levels, which are determined by your number of sales or activities.

  • The base transaction fee for the StockX seller program is 10%.
  • If you have had over $500 worth of sales, your base transaction fee becomes $9.5,
  • If you have had over $1500 worth of sales, your base transaction fee becomes 9.0%,
  • If you have had over $5000 worth of sales, your base transaction fee becomes 8.5%,
  • If you have had over $30000 worth of sales, your rate becomes 8.0%.

Q. What happens if my item doesn't pass verification

If the item doesn’t pass verification, it will be returned, but there is no guarantee that the receipt or label will also be returned. Therefore, as a seller, ensure you only ship brand-new items to StockX.