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Is 200 Mbps Good for Gaming? Speed Up Your Internet

How much broadband is your network provider giving you? Is 200 Mbps good for gaming? Will the game stall?

What is Mbps?

Mbps in full is termed as Megabits per second. This is the default measurement of the download rate of the internet connection. You could also refer to Mbps as the maximum speed at which you download data from the internet to your device. Note that 1Mbps is equal to 128 kilobits per second.

The smallest data unit is known as bits which are then transferred in seconds. To conclude, Mbps means the data transfer rate is 1 million bits per second. Different Mbps speeds are used for various purposes. For example streaming live videos, playing games online with other online opponents, downloading large files, and installing software.

The impact of MBPS on the game

The impact of MBPS on the game

The game mainly considers two factors which are FPS and Ping.

FPS is the number of frames in the game, which is mainly determined by the computer's hardware. In simpler terms, FPS measures the number of images displayed every second on your screen. The minimum FPS required for gaming is 24 FPS for different frames. You can increase your monitor’s frame rate through the following steps:

Step 1: Lower the monitor’s resolution to a minor contrast

Step 2: Change the video playback settings

Change the video playback settings

Step 3: On this PS settings, update the graphics card drivers for better performance

Update the graphics card drivers for better performance

Step 4: Overclock your hardware using the MSI Afterburner. If you do not have this application, kindly download and install it.

Overclock your hardware using the MSI Afterburner

Step 5: Use the PC optimization tool to change the FPS

Use the PC optimization tool to change the FPS

Note that if these steps do not work on your monitor, you will have to get a High-quality monitor. The more the FPS, the faster the games will run.

Ping Rate is the delay, which is the delay of the game. This mainly shows the delay between players’ input and the servers responding to the corresponding inputs. The most recommended ping rate is 50 milliseconds which does not lag. Lagging is the time it takes for an action in your game to reach the game server to get registered and vice versa. If you have a ping rate of over 100 milliseconds, you will notice a lag, which will harm your graphics and gaming experience.

A 200Mbps network speed is theoretically not too low for pings, but if the network fluctuates when more people use it at a go, it can cause pings to rise. The minimum speed for gaming is 25Mbps which will maintain the ping to an appropriate range.

Is 200 Mbps good for gaming?

Running at your 200Mbps bandwidth

Some online games, such as LOL, generate very little traffic during the game, perhaps 40MB-60MB per round. Running at your 200Mbps bandwidth will be fine, but you need a Stable Connection. If your internet connection is too slow or not strong, the online game will lag and be unable to connect to the servers. 200 Mbps is a good gaming speed, especially with a low ping rate.

For the web Page game, we need to load many maps, and at the beginning, we need to use the network speed to download resources. The Web page game is the type of game that you can play online through the browser on the official page of the game.

Factors that affect the internet speed while gaming

Experiencing a slow internet connection while gaming is not a rare incident among gamers. This is quite a disappointing thing since you might have played very well for some time only for the internet to destroy your progress in the game. Some of the factors that may lead to internet interruption are:

1. Downloading the game patch

Downloading game patch

This is when you are gaming using your console, and another game starts to update itself. Most console games spring heavy downloads. They will slow down the internet speed, which affects your online gaming. The best thing to do is to get a better internet package since you cannot change how the console updates games.

2. Streaming live videos while playing online

Live streaming videos can strain the upstream bandwidth of your internet. When you are playing online and streaming videos simultaneously, a lot of data is sent out through your router. This results in slowing the uplink.

3. Using direct Wi-Fi signals

Using direct Wi-Fi signals

Using a Wi-Fi booster helps to increase the internet speed. The best and cheaper way to do this is using an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables speed up the internet connection that is suitable for online gaming.

4. When your internet connection is not prioritized by your Internet Service Provider

You might have the best package in the market. Your Internet Service Provider could be using an ineffective connection route. This could slow your internet speed. The best thing to do is contact the ISP to improve your connection to avoid lagging in games and live streams.

Internet speed test

Internet speed test

If you want to know the speed of your internet, visit the website to get accurate measurements. When you start the test, you will see how the graphs between uploads and downloads are related. The ping is also shown in milliseconds. The site also shows the IP address of your network. Testing the internet speed helps you know the kind of internet network you are in and its speed. You can check this site to see if your actual Internet speed matches what your carrier is offering you.

How do I get Faster Internet Speed?

Are you content with the internet speed you are using? Well, there are various ways you can boost the speed of your internet. Some of these ways include:

1. Ethernet cable connection

Ethernet cable connection

If you are playing on your laptop using a Wi-Fi network, it is recommended that you use an Ethernet cable to connect directly to your laptop. The Ethernet cable has advantages such as improved internet speed and lower latency. Security is also guaranteed when using an Ethernet cable to access the internet. The main explanation behind this is that WI-FI signals travel faster downward, which is through the Ethernet cable. You could also place the router close to where your game or stream videos for a stronger signal.

2. Switch to a faster router

Switch to a faster router

If your network has been upgraded and your router is years old, it probably won't be able to handle fast data transfers.200Mbps theoretically requires a gigabit router. You might use an outdated router model that cannot accommodate high data transfer rates. Purchasing from your internet is the best place to acquire a faster router. This could be the best choice after restarting your router repeatedly, and no change in internet speed is detected.

3. Reduce latency by modifying DNS

Reduce latency by modifying DNS

If you know the game server you are playing is in a certain region, then modifying your computer's DNS to that region will give you slightly faster speeds. Changing or modifying the DNS server improves the download and upload speeds of your internet connection.

The steps to changing the DNS serves on a gaming console are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the Internet connection settings and select the DNS settings

Step 2: You are to choose the “custom” option in place of the “automatic”

Step 3: The next thing to do is to key in one of the pairs of the free DNS servers. That is the Cloudflare DNS, Open DNS, and Google DNS. They all have primary and secondary DNS addresses.

Step 4: The essence of having these serves is to have the console map through them instead of the default given by your Internet Service Provider.


It is essential to know that changing the DNS does not change the lagging that occurs when playing online.

4. Buy a game accelerator

A game accelerator gives the user a top-notch gaming experience by solving the RAM and lagging issues experienced in games. It is a booster app that eliminates unused applications from memory. It prepares a good gaming environment that ensures you do not experience lags. The game accelerator optimizes your game streams to maintain the immersive feature of the game.

The ping rate is well stabilized by the game accelerator. This connects you to a fast server to bypass other blocked network lines.


Before investing in gaming setups, ensure you have a reliable internet connection that will not disappoint you. While buying the monitors or screens, ensure that you get the high-quality monitors so you can change the resolution and increase the Frames per Second rate. When connecting your place with the internet, consult the Internet provide to know the best package for you, which is gaming and streaming. If you have an internet speed of 200 Mbps and there are many people connected to t at the same time, the speed will be lower. Before starting online games, you could check the connected devices and disconnect those that can stay off for the time being.