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Is Flight Club Legit? (YES) | 2022 Review

It's not simple to get the newest sneakers. Securing a pair of Air Jordans may be difficult, with hoarded scalpers and the latest sneakers selling out in milliseconds.

Sometimes all you want is a digital system where you can shop safely and confidently, knowing you're getting a good deal on a nice pair of shoes.

Online, there is a multitude of sneaker markets touting their current releases as well as old classics. Flight Club is one of those sites, and sure, it exists, and people are thrilled.

What is a fight club?

What is a flight club

You must be wondering what a flight club is and why it’s popular in the United States of America. Well, a flight Club is a footwear marketplace where users may sell their used sneakers. It has a large selection of old, trendy, and limited-edition shoes.

The well-known sneaker reseller has geographical locations in New York, Miami, and LA cities that are changing the way sneakers are sold. There will be no need for face-to-face meetings; instead, your shoes will be exhibited in a transparent cabinet for potential customers to view.

Flight Club presently operates from two locations: their webpage, where happy customers may buy and sell items, and their local retailers, where shoppers can see the collection in person.

However, like with any marketplace, you have to question how shiny such kicks are behind the transparent glass cabinets at their actual storefronts.

Where do Flight club shoes come from?

Flight club shoes come

Their shoes are mainly bought from previous owners, including shoe dealers, of course, and then they sell them and take a commission when the unworn shoes are sold.

Flight Club has its shoe inventory, which it replenishes with fresh releases from chosen manufacturers. Even still, the majority of their genuine sneakers come from fashionistas who went to great lengths to acquire them, no matter how long ago.

Is Flight Club Legal?

Flight Club Legal

Rest assured, they are legit, and they are a legit second-hand trading platform. It has a zero-tolerance policy for fake products and conducts a quality inspection.

Flight Club is, without a doubt, a genuine company. Before reaching the shelves of Flight Club, the worn shoes are subjected to a rigorous assessment procedure. Flight Club, its shops, and GOAT sell only shoes that have passed their rigorous screening process. So you now know how thorough they are when it comes to authenticity.

For fifteen years, Flight Club has established a solid reputation among a diverse clientele that includes everyone from beginner fashionable people to celebrity customers like Dennis Rodman.

Their shoes may go for much more than anticipated, but they are worth every dime!

Are the shoes on the Flight club authentic?

shoes on the Flight club authentic

Flight club will have special appraisers when they buy second-hand shoes. Rest assured, they can ensure that the shoes are genuine and quite authentic. However, some users file complaints that the size of the shoes they received is wrong. Such comments from people may make you question if this is the right business to trust. If you encounter this situation, please get in touch with the flight club customer care in time. The only disadvantage of flight clubs is that one can’t quickly return and exchange. The cancellation process is hectic.

As they'd have to reimburse the vendors for the shipments, Flight Club has a no-return, no-refund policy. If possible, visit one of their physical stores to try on the authentic sneakers before making a purchase. That is, in some ways, the most effective option.

How to register for flight club

Here’s how to sign up with the website;

Step 1: On the internet, search for flight club

Step 2: Once you click on it, you'll see a form that needs your basic information like first and last name, email, country, etc.

Step 3: After filling out the form, read the terms and conditions and check the box if you're over 13 years. If Not, please don’t, as they have a strict age policy.

Step 4: Lastly, confirm if the information you provided is correct and click on the register Congratulations as that mark the first step to start selling with them.

Click on the register button for apps Flight Club

How to sell shoes on flight club

Now that you understand how flight club operates, you might be keen on selling that expensive pair of sneakers you bought but need an upgrade. But how would you do it effectively?

  • Create a contribution by going visiting their selling page. You can choose to have your shoes sent or drop them off at the nearest Flight Club.
  • When your shoes arrive at Flight Club, they'll be authenticated and reviewed internally before your listing is confirmed.
  • It's now or never. Once the shoes have been sold, you will receive digital payouts as compensation by whatever means you choose. Whether by direct bank transfer, credit card, Paypal, etc.

Your shoes may be rejected and returned to you following the evaluation procedure. This isn't to say that Flight Club thinks you submitted fake shoes. In other words, they may return the shoes if they think your shoes are in bad condition. They may only accept shoes that are unworn or are in perfect condition.

You'll collect most of the proceeds from selling those shoes, with Flight Club taking a 9.5 percent cut (minus seller and cash-out costs). Flight Club occasionally prices your offering significantly to reflect the actual resale values. As a result, if you're selling for a lot more than it's worth, they could lower the deal price.

As a result, before handing away your prized Air Jordan 1 Retro Shoes, we urge that you consult with them.


Flight Club is a footwear brand that has spent decades cultivating its reputation and empire. Since its inception in 2005, its footwear has been sought after by both casual and diehard serious collectors.

Even amid the likes of GOAT, StockX, and other footwear websites, it continues to be one of the most famous fashion resale businesses to this day.

Do not waste time wondering how you'll dispose of your trendy footwear. Visit for more directions if you feel like earning some extra cash.